If you want a taste of how it would feel to be one of the cogs in a totalitarian machine, check out the just-released Beholder [$2.99]. In Beholder, you are a State-installed landlord, and your purpose is to ensure none of your tenants is planning any kind of subversive activities or posing any threat to the State. And, of course, why would they? They should know they live in the equivalent of heaven on Earth and should be thankful for it. But I digress. Your duties include bugging apartments, going through belongings for anything that doesn't belong there, and, of course, reporting anyone who seems like a current or potential threat.

However, you aren't totally heartless; you can decide to resist and not report a specific tenant, hoping that he will change his treacherous ways. Or, you could use that information to blackmail him so you can make more money to feed your own family. Different decisions will lead to different endings, so choose wisely because, as the game points out, every choice has a consequence. The game is out now, so check out our forum thread on it and go spy on people.

  • JP Falcon

    Wow...a game that states it was optimized for iPad 4.... will wonders never cease! Insta buy for this considerate fact alone, though I am sure the game will scratch my Papers Please and Westport News itch as well.....

  • eAli

    Amazing trailer! Love the soundtrack

  • rtificial

    It's also in the new PC humble bundle