We got to check out Art of Conquest back at GDC, and it looked like an interesting multi-genre hybrid of MMORPGs and real-time strategy. After a soft launch and beta test, Lilith Games is ready to announce that Art of Conquest will release worldwide on June 6th. The game will have you engaging in several different forms of action: there's base-building, but also going and conquering other lands and attacking other players' bases. You'll fight armies, raising troops and unleashing abilities in battle against opponents. And you can do this while exploring a world as your commander character.

It seems like a fascinating mix of many disparate genres all mixed into one title, and while there's definitely some familiarity with the base-building stuff, the MMORPG layer is an intriguing one. That alone could prove to be a killer hook for Art of Conquest. If you're into the whole deep free-to-play experience, this should be a title on your radar when it hits on June 6th.