I warned you. I warned you and your brain last week about Raster Prime [$2.99] from Punk Labs. I hope you made sure that any orifices your brain could leak out of were sealed up, that you hadn't seen any avant-garde cinema recently, or that you hadn't watched Spurs-Rockets game 6 so that your brain was at full power to comprehend the incomprehensible. Because Raster Prime's obelisks, containing convoluted patterns of glyphs that you have to decipher from top to bottom using binary inputs, will get in your mind fuzz.

Two key tips: one, you can zoom in on the puzzles and help get the symbols on the sides over the puzzles to get a bit of visualization as to just how everything might work. The other: take notes. It's easier to remember sequences when you're writing them down. And maybe check out the forum thread, because you'll need a support group.

  • Dragontears969

    Well James Harden should be ready to play it as he didn't use his brain (or anything else in game 6). Shear the beard!