If you've been consistently losing in Clash Royale [Free], it might not be you but the cards you pick for your decks (although it might also be you). A recent blog post by Woody, one of the fixtures of the competitive community, talks about the most popular cards in competitive decks and should help you improve your own decks. In order of most to least popular, the top 8 are Skeletons, The Log, Goblin Gang, Zap, Knight, Mega Minion, Elixir Collector, and Ice Spirit. The blog post has a ton of statistics regarding these cards and the top decks in the game. For instance, Skeletons and The Log are in over half of all the top ladder decks.

The post also includes decks with 10 or more appearances in the Top 200, which are great choices if you're looking to improve your current decks. There's the Three Musketeers Beatdown, Lava Hound-Balloon Beatdown, Hog Rider-Goblin Control, and many more. Read the whole blog post here.

  • Kagarn

    Giant/Balloon/Knight/Arrows/Log/Zap/Mega Minion took me to 4400ish. Give it a shot!

    • toofinedog

      What is your eighth card?

      • Steven Liang

        battle ram

      • Kagarn

        Whoops, inferno drag. You can use regular inferno if you don't have it.

    • Jeremeeeee

      what type of card levels are necessary for decent trophy pushing with this deck? btw I'm 3.8k+

  • Fikri Mustaqim

    I use inferno dragon/baby dragon/fireball/arrow/goblin barrel/freze/prince/skeleton army...now i 3.7k trofies
    I use this deck from arena 5