Strategy games often revisit the same locations and time periods, so I was glad to see that we are getting a game about the 1812 conflict between the United States and Britain, a theater of war not often visited. 1812: The Invasion of Canada, a digital port of the classic board game with the same name, allows you to replay the US invasion of Canada, a lesser-known conflict that had important repercussions across the continent. In 1812, players control one of the major factions of the war, with the British side consisting of British Regulars, Canadian Militia, and Native Americans and the US side consisting of the American Regular Army and American Militia.

The game is played on a historically accurate map and comes with 3 scenarios and 3 AI difficulties for Solo play. You can also play online against another player. The game also uses a card system that introduces various events into the game. If you've been looking for a strategy game that deals with a lesser-known but important conflict, keep an eye out for 1812: The Invasion of Canada, releasing in June.

  • Lickzy

    I look forward to this. Hopefully it allows for accurate re-telling of events, such as Canada burning down the White House and ficiticious events like America winning the war.

    • WaveLightGames

      Trying to figure out if your comment is sarcastic or sincere. The white house was burnt down, I believe, when the British regiment (the Invincibles) seized the city of Washington. If I recall, they marched into the city and were fired upon and then they did some impromptu pillaging. Have I been incorrectly informed?

  • DanKetch

    Damn rights! We torched the White House!