Pixelnest Studio's rad shoot 'em up Steredenn [$3.99] has just hit the App Store. Originally released in 2015 for Steam and consoles, it has finally arrived on mobile. And what a game it could promise to be: a shoot 'em up with roguelike elements, where you get upgrades as you play, but start out fresh each time. As well, there's a thumping heavy metal soundtrack that plays throughout the entire game. Too many games don't have metal soundtracks. And as someone whose wardrobe is mostly black t-shirts with metal bands...I am excited.

Steredenn has a control system that manages to adapt what seemingly requires three buttons on a controller well to a touchscreen. Double-tapping to pick up weapons, and swiping to change weapons works rather well. For example, you can get a shield that reflects back bullets, and it's easy to switch back to your blaster when necessary. The weapon system also has some promising depth to it with some elemental elements to it. Don't be surprised if I play a ton of this on our Twitch channel. Check out the forum thread to chat with other people about the game. Of course, it was started by our resident metalhead forum mod, metalcasket.

  • solarnya

    this game is awesome!

    my game of the week!

  • Dailon Huskey

    Shout out to Metalcasket! Long live metal and this game rocks!

  • metalcasket

    As much as I love the community, (other) writers and admins here, there was only 2 ways posting that thread could have gone down:

    1) Carter posts it.
    2) I post it.

    Nothing else would have been acceptable (well, the devs could have too, but y'know).

    Nothing, I say!

    • Sobriquet

      You youngsters and your entitlement issues. J/k

      I've been listening to classic metal (AC/DC, Black Sabbath) and heavy metal since you guys were in diapers. Lol.

      I guess you guys are the "New Guard" here to prepare the next generation of Metal Heads for the blacker than black future. Just don't have kids or everything changes and you'll want to make the world a safer place for them instead of basking in glory of it's darkness.

    • ScotDamn

      Right so because you have metal in your screen name makes you the supreme metal being. Ok haha. I despise Edge of Sanity, My Dying Bride, and Amon Amarth. I'd be totally happy if Death never existed nor Cradle of Filth. No that's for demented people! Give me my Blink 182!