BeaverTap Games is set to update Mikey Jumps [Free] with some new content, and they've started teasing what's to come. One new mechanic in the update will be a teleport, which will teleport you elsewhere in the level, naturally. It's easy to see where this could be used for some devious level challenges. It'll be part of a whole new world of 200 levels. The original Star world has a modified difficulty curve, so if you couldn't beat it, you've got a shot now.

Mikey Jumps is a clever amalgamation of the Mikey trilogy of speedrun platformers, made into a one-tap platformer a la Mr Jump [Free]. While it isn't quite as revelatory an experience as the speedrun trilogy, it's still fun and, it still has grappling hooks. You all still have grappling hooks! The 2.0 Mikey Jumps update is near completion, and will be submitted to the App Store soon.

Disclosure: One of the members of BeaverTap Games, Mike Meade, is a semi-regular guest on the TouchArcade podcast. Unlike Shaun, Mike does follow me on Twitter, but that may be because of that time I beat an 8 year-old's time in a pre-release Mikey Hooks build. Game respects game.

  • slamraman

    Just remember that I forgot to complete this. Back on it - now!!

    • Deckard74

      Seconded! There's one pesky level I never managed to beat, those pesky spikes grrr!

  • OrangutanKungfu

    Go Beavertap! Does this mean Mike is free to return to the podcast again?