Lifeline, the interactive fiction game, managed to launch a genre by having you chat with in-game characters in "real" time, but the subject of the Lifeline series has always been literally life and death. The upcoming Hey Wingman hopes to spice up the Lifeline formula (minus the real time part) with the kinds of themes you'd find in The Hangover movie franchise. Instead of using a chat app to guide an astronaut to safety, in Hey Wingman you use a chat app to try and break up your best friend's doomed wedding. You'll be communicating with your buddy Romeo, who's apparently not the brightest of the bunch, as you both try to stop your best friend Dan from marrying Jill, who you obviously don't approve of.

There will be all kinds of messes for you to work through, with the game's screenshots ranging from a drunk goat to men riding enraged bears. The game will be premium and should come out this summer. If you want to check it out early, you can go to our Upcoming Games forum thread and grab the beta for Android or iOS.