It's not often that a couple of brief new animated .gifs for an upcoming game will cause me to write an entire post about it, but not all games are as gorgeous as Into the Rift. In case you're not up to speed, Into the Rift is a Metroidvania-style action platformer that focuses on parkour-like movement and has a heavy Prince of Persia vibe, though the developer notes it's predominantly inspired by Zelda and Metroid. While it's been in development for a couple of years, we first caught wind of Into the Rift in August of last year and pretty much couldn't get our jaws off the floor after seeing the amazing pixel art and animations in motion. While progress feels slow-going (at least to this impatient gamer), the game's forum thread is occasionally bumped up with new bits of info, the latest being these beautiful little nuggets.

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That top image is the first reveal of the City of the Fallen in the game, and I believe shows one of the main characters in the game Zoe falling down into the water below before rising triumphantly like a bad ass. The image below that is just an animated lineup of most of the above ground enemies you'll run across in Into the Rift. If you enjoyed these newer images and haven't been following Into the Rift be sure to check out the forum thread where there's lots more animated goodies to feast your eyes on, and the game's official Facebook page is a good place to keep tabs on new developments as well. This is totally one of my most anticipated games so we'll be watching Into the Rift like a hawk and will update you when more info comes along.

  • Booch138

    Wait is it an endless runner? Neither Metroid nor Castlevania were anything close beyond rare moments in the games... *sad*

    • boydstr

      I hope not because this looks very beautiful and endless runners are not my type of genre is there any info about a possible release?

    • Dan Felder

      It's not an endless runner. It's a metroidvania.

  • jin choung





    !!!!!!!!!!!! B E H O L D !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Timmy2x