Keybol's Tower Fortress looked rather intriguing when it was revealed, and it sure seemed like it was going to wind up being one of the games during the big Apple indie promotion. It wasn't, but for an interesting reason: the game was delayed, the reason eventually stated that because game was "being overhauled to feature new pixel art from renowned developer/publisher." Rumors and speculation abound! Who could this mysterious company be? I called it in the TouchArcade writers' chat, one of our forum members called it before I did: Nitrome picked up Tower Fortress and has given it an art overhaul.

Compare this to the original artwork, which doesn't look bad at all, but the new artwork seems to fit in a bit more with the Nitrome aesthetic:

I love me some Downwell [appprice url="asdf"], and a reverse, ascension take on it? That looks like fun. While it missed poor Rob's birthday, Keybol has a solid track record and Nitrome has some hits on their resume, so I'm really excited for the new Tower Fortress when it's ready. No revised release date is available yet, but development is "moving at a fast pace."

  • rezn

    Very cool. I love Nitrome like I love Nintendo.

  • noteatino

    Looks damn cool!

  • piwakawaka

    Fix your Downwell link?

  • jin choung

    see? it's possible to simply have a vertical format video window... why doesn't youtube do that when it encounters a vertically shot video? never understood their insistence on a single aspect ratio when it could literally be any.