Madfinger's Shadowgun Legends is a rather intriguing title to keep an eye on in the coming months, because it totally doesn't look like it's trying to be Destiny at all. Some footage and details have steadily started to leak out, one of which being one of the new enemies in Legends, the Dread. Now, I will have you know that the Dread is totally not the Predator with its deadly exoskeleton, dreadlocks, and arm blades. Totally different from the Predator, totally legally distinct! Check out this enemy that has absolutely zero resemblance to the Predator in this trailer for Shadowgun Legends:

And if you want to see some footage of Shadowgun Legends that, much like the Dread enemy, has no resemblance to any other previous idea ever, here you go:

I look forward to this totally original mobile first-person shooter experience whenever it's ready.

  • Toasty_Cat

    He's one ugly m*therf***er...

    • Carter Dotson

      Shut your mouth!

      • Phantomkiller


  • ashmike3

    Nice and sassy, just like I like my Carter.

  • adamlax

    7.2ft tall, over three hundred pounds, and runs at 27 mph. F*** me we are screwed.

    • Alexythimia23

      And u cant teach that!

      • Phantomkiller

        HOW YOU DOIN?!

  • boydstr

    It's not a question of or but when till the owners of the predator franchise will consult their legal department to advise them to take steps this is no coincidence.

  • Paul Kohler it.

  • Mekklesack

    "'s as big as a house!"

  • WaveLightGames

    wow ... the future of warfare sure has a lot of neon lights in it.

  • Joe Burkett

    LOL! love the article. There is so much Destiny in this its not even funny we got Cabal Phalanx we got textures and areas that look straight of destiny. I mean hell Destiny + Predators i am down LOL!

  • Kenneth Martinez

    Anyone needs a good hacker? ( ) Many satisfied customers, i`m one of them, and more will post here. also this guy is so friendly with everyone you will see!

  • rajatgupta

    any idea on when it is going to release

    • Phantomkiller

      wikipedia is saying 'in the end of june'