If you're among the many people who often send us emails for the podcast asking for current (or future) recommendations for single-tap portrait mode games to play while you're commuting, add Shredworks Games' Swing King and the Temple of Bling to your watch list. The game follows the adventures of Mumbles the Monkey as he swings through various temples collecting bling (as the title hints). Your little monkey swings from point to point, spinning around them until you tap and launch yourself to the next one. Check out the game in action:

The game is launching soon-ish, and when it does it'll come packed with 45 individual stages which are broken out into three different temples. It doesn't sound like the pay model has been fully sussed out yet, but they're leaning towards it being a free game with incentivized checkoints, which has become a pretty popular (and agreeable) thing lately.


    Been waiting for this game, swing it on.

  • Modjular

    Do you actually have a list of good single-tap-portrait-mode games?