It's been a long time coming for turn-based strategy game Super Senso. It's been in soft launch for about 15 months now, picking up a publisher along the way in GungHo. It also was one of Apple's ten best games of 2016 on iPad in New Zealand despite not being out worldwide yet. But the world will not have to wait much longer for their Super Senso. We can exclusively reveal that Super Senso's worldwide launch will happen on April 27th.

This is a fast-paced turn-based strategy gamee, where you take on other opponents with rapid-fire move timers. Each team has a Senso, a giant robot that will really help when it comes to victory since it's the big hoss of your team. Still, there are multiple paths to victory, and giant lasers. What I've played has been an interesting mix of fast-paced gameplay and the thoughtful nature of turn-based strategy, and I'm curious to see how the larger gaming world takes to it now that it will be finally available to everyone on the 27th.

Update: We've since received a corrected press release from the Super Senso folks, it's now apparently only launching in North America on the 27th, presumably with other regions following.