Developer Mum Not Proud is set to bring its word game Baikoh to iOS on April 27th. The game's on Android, if you are like me and enjoy a little taste of the dark side in your life. But if you don't, then, well, it will be on your Apple device of choice soon enough. This word game is kind of like SpellTower [$2.99] in that there's a puzzle game aspect of not letting the letter tiles hit the top of the screen, and as you make more matches, more tiles populate the board.

Baikoh giveth and Baikoh taketh away. You don't have to match consecutive letters on the board, as you can tap any tiles on the board to make words. But if you misspell words, then you will be punished with additional tiles dropping on the board.
It's a cool idea for a word game, and I'm glad to see it hitting iOS soon. Check it out on April 27th.