The original iDracula was released back in early 2009, which was a really transformative time for the App Store. Loads of very simple games were available, but very few felt like they got close to comparing to the overall fit and finish of the rest of the onboard Apple apps. iDracula was among the titles that really started to ratchet the quality bar upwards, as it was a full-featured dual stick shooter with multiple weapons, power-ups, and other things which seem like obvious inclusions today. Unsurprisingly, its since been removed from the App Store, but you can see the AppShopper listing. If you've really never heard of this game before, check out this old video we made of it:

Well, through the magic of Steam Greenlight, the original developers of iDracula just revealed iDracula: Genesis which you can go vote for if you're into the whole Steam Greenlight thing. There's loads of details on the game's web site, and it seems like they've got something that's surprisingly full featured compared to what you typically see on Greenlight. There's apparently even 100 weapons in game right now, which is a long shot from the original iDracula which sported a crossbow, a ... shotgun, and maybe a few other weapons? Take a look at the trailer:

Now for the not-so-great news: We've heard from the original iDracula developers, and while there are plans in the works for the game to eventually make it to mobile, it's going to be a long road. They're following what's become the standard indie game release path which we've seen quite a bit lately: Steam first, other platforms (including mobile) later. iDracula is a pretty big part of iOS gaming history, so it'd be great to see it return to the App Store. Go vote for it on Steam Greenlight, and let's keep our fingers crossed.

  • David Pomerleau

    This game used to STRESS ME OUT, in a good way! Hope they bring it to iOS.

  • Sloany

    I prefer the old style graphics over the new cartoony ones. Other than that it looks great

  • epsteinm

    Man oh man. I remember this game as one of the first I bought in the app store. It was so much fun. I do hope they decide to release this for the iPhone sooner rather than later.

  • Booch138

    Dude... this game was so sick it's not even funny. I remember back in the app-store primordial days when this little gem came about. I couldn't put it down. Was so happy I had something like it on my iPod touch at the time hahahaah. It was tough but in a good way. Very good way. I kind of like the almost-Bastion like angle the new iDracula: Genesis has gone, but I actually do prefer the old graphics a little better. Had that type of atmosphere. Not that I'm against cute stuff by any means but... meh. 100 weap tho. Hahaha