We've been following the development of Thimbleweed Park, a new point-and-click adventure from two of the original Maniac Mansion creators Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, for more than a year now, and today is a landmark day as the game has finally released… on some platforms. Back when the project was successfully Kickstarted in the fall of 2014, it just barely passed its last stretch goal that would ensure the game would make its way to mobile platforms. That is still planned, but first the game is launching today on Steam, GOG, and Xbox One with the mobile ports already started and set to hit in a few months. As a nice treat for us mobile gamers in the meantime, here's the brand new launch trailer for Thimbleweed Park.

I loved those old adventure games from the '90s, and Thimbleweed Park gives off the exact same vibe that those classics did back when I was a youngster. While the visuals and humor are right up the alley for this particular set of developers, I'm also really digging the full voice acting which brings these strange characters to life. If you just can't wait for the mobile version's release, feel free to grab the game on any of the platforms it launched on today, but rest assured we'll be following the progress of Thimbleweed Park for mobile and will bring you any updates as they happen.

  • Terroantula

    I want it on my iPad 12.9... but I wish Apple would release an 18 inch iPad already like Samsung did.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      The whole point of an ipad is to have it portable and 18 inch is hardly portable or useful as such.

      • Terroantula

        Yeah in my bag

      • DEVILTAZ35 .

        Not very comfortable in one's lap and takes up too much room on a table in a cafe 🙂

  • boydstr

    I never played a point and click adventure because I like to steer the characters in a game so that I have the feeling that my actions makes the story but after seeing this fantastic trailer this could be the first point and click that I want to try I really like the graphics especially the spooky scene with the bridge and glistening water with the corpse floating in it style and the trailer makes me very curious about the rest of the game and story.

  • YankeeBlue000

    Any specifics on iOS release besides it launching on iOS? I've been looking foward to this. I might just have to get it on another platform, maybe. I primarily play on my Ipad so maybe not. I can wait, I think. Hehe

  • Shkrbby

    No PS4?!?!!1

    • YankeeBlue000

      In a couple of months I think I read somewhere

    • Timmy2x

      Don't be greedy you guys over there have more than your share of games to play lol