Covering iPhone games over the last decade or so has resulted in some pretty crazy (and unexpected) adventures, but if you told me when I was writing about Doodle Jump way back when that I'd be in the Bahamas watching pro players play Hearthstone I'd probably be like... "What's Hearthstone?" For real though, it's unbelievable to be here, and while most of it is being streamed on Twitch, I've also got interviews set up with Hearthstone developers and access to all the players who are also here. Which raises the question: What do you guys want to know from the event? The whole reason I'm here is to report back for TouchArcade, so if at any point you guys watching the stream want to know anything else or have any questions you'd like me to relay to the Blizzard team and/or Hearthstone developers, either drop a comment here or hit me up on Twitter @hodapp.

If you want to follow along with the event, it just started and is running through the weekend:

Watch live video from PlayHearthstone on

They're doing post-match Q&A's with players and that won't be streamed, so I'm going to try to catch a bunch of those. Strap in for a weekend of awesome Hearthstone play.

  • Daniel Noah

    Go Fr0zen! Mama wants a new pack of cards!

    • Daniel Noah

      I may have backed the wrong pony

      • Daniel Noah

        Take it all back, congrats fr0zen! But that re-start was weird. What was up with that?

  • baelnor

    Where is the best place to go to see the actual results?

    • Daniel Noah

      The Official Hearthstone webpage will have them under eSports