Rusty Lake has been enchanting players with its odd (in a good way) sensibility and approach to puzzle games, and now the developer is ready to release another game, Cube Escape: The Cave. I know that for most of you, the name Rusty Lake is enough to make you go and grab the game, but for those who haven't played a Cube Escape game yet, this series of puzzle and escape room games has great puzzles to solve but, more importantly for me, a lovely sense of dread that you can't easily replicate.

Cube Escape: The Cave will have 3 very different worlds to explore, a very suspenseful atmosphere, which you can see in the trailer, and a unique storyline that ties back to the other Cube Escape games as well as Rusty Lake Hotel [$1.99] and Rusty Lake Roots [$2.99]. And the game is completely free with almost no ads. If you haven't tried the Cube Escape games yet, you definitely should. The game is coming out for iOS and Android March 23rd.

  • tamon76

    *almost* no ads? That's disappointing (especially as all the previous were *completely* ad free).

    I'm getting it regardless, but I hope they include an IAP to disable ads.

    • nom

      I'm pretty sure they had ads too, but only when you would select the option to go to the title screen, and only then intermittently. Not surprising few noticed them.

      Regardless, I love this series to death.

  • ZombieCurt

    Played hotel but I haven't played roots.
    I'm hoping as a promo they put it on sale. I had a fantastic time with the game and the mood is the right amount of charming and creepy.

    • Nguyen Tuan Thanh

      Root's price is cheap for this game. Buy it if you want dev team continues to release other games 😀

  • Writersareliars