Visiontrick Media has announced that it is releasing its "fourth-person puzzling-adventure" Pavilion [$3.99] on iOS and Mac on March 17th. Pavilion: Touch Edition will throw you into a world with no explanation or tutorials. You and the main character have to learn what's in the world and what the situation is for yourselves. Interaction with the environment and whatever elements pop up is key to discovering what is going on, and exploring the secrets of Pavilion.

I don't have any clue what's going on in Pavilion – technically chapter 1 of a potentially bigger series – but it looks gorgeous, and the soundtrack has a mysterious, folk-y vibe to it that seems rather intriguing. But how exactly it's "fourth-person" seems like something we'll have to discover for ourselves! Check this one out on iOS and Mac on March 17th (possibly releasing in the evening on March 16th like many other Apple games). Interestingly, this wound up on Nvidia Shield devices before even Steam by a week, though it requires a controller on that platform. Perhaps controller support and tvOS compatibility wouldn't be too much to ask for?

UPDATE: The game is now available and a link has been added to the article below. Strangely, it's iPhone-only, even though this seems to be the type of game better suited to the larger screen of the iPad. It's not clear if it will be updated to be Universal or if an iPad version is in the works, or if it's simply made for the iPhone and that's it. Either way, something to be aware of.

UPDATE 2: Pavilion's already been updated, not even 24 hours after release, and it now features iPad support as a Universal app. Also, a major bug where if you zoomed in the options menu might get huge was fixed. Everything's okay!

  • Far_Out

    well it LOOKS absolutely incredible

  • Matt Curtis

    Visually, feels somewhat like Lara Croft GO + Samorost + Transistor + some classic puzzle-n-click.

    What I'm saying is, it looks good.

  • boydstr

    It's not my type off gameplay that I like but the graphic style is very cool!!

  • YankeeBlue000

    I was just wondering what was going on with this release. It's finally here

  • Bunion

    What time GMT? I'm gonna grab this asap

  • Kiltedsheep

    Looks really intriguing. (I hope it's not going to be 5GB or whatever because i just don't have the space - but I guess it's inevitable with those graphics)

  • Heinz da Baron Krauss von Espy

    the fork is a "fourth person adventure". stop making up crappy jargon.

  • solarnya


  • Yuric

    Uhm, just checked and it said it's compatible with iPad. Good thing too since games like this deserve to be played on big screens.

  • rezn

    Why oh why did I buy 4 of the last 12 games. Lol. I'll get this next week.

    • Qaioud

      Because no kids, and some remaining availability of both time and money.

      In part.

      I'd guess!

  • burningzenithx

    The graphics make me think of a cross between Transistor and Shadowrun.

  • Edelheid

    Gosh, this week has been truly incredible for new games. My wallet is beginning to complain a bit, but it's so worth it seeing so many good releases.

  • Bunion

    This BOGGLES my mind as to why it's iPhone only.. won't be buying it which i'm kind of sad about.

    • YankeeBlue000

      Imagine how sad I feel? I already bought it. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

      • Bunion

        πŸ™ I guess you can run it in 2x but that feels dirty. Shame as it has such beautiful art..