Dungeons & Dragons has always been very popular, but the last couple of years have seen its popularity rise even more, with live-streamed sessions becoming quite a thing. Wizards of the Coast has decided to help make D&D even easier to set up and play - and, therefore, even more accessible - by developing D&D Beyond, the official digital toolset for use with D&D 5th edition rules. The toolset, which will come to your mobile devices as well, will include a rules compendium, character builder, digital character sheets, and much more. As the announcement points out, this digital toolset should make it easier for both veterans and beginners to get into the game.

D&D Beyond will be coming this summer, and you can sign up for the beta here, although I don't know whether the beta will extend to mobile devices. As you can see from the trailer above, D&D Beyond will definitely make it easier to play the game, although I have to wonder whether D&D purists will welcome it or not.

  • Notturno

    As a D&D purist i think this is freaking awesome!

  • YankeeBlue000

    I rather have a new iOS game, but that's just me

  • PerfectTommy

    I'm curious what the cost will be. The last online tools were a monthly subscription fee. If it makes it easier to build games (as a DM) I'm sold!

    • Stucii

      According to reddit posts and replies its gonna be based on a monthly subscription + you have to pay for every class-related expansion aswell /for example : u wanna play with an elvish ranger then u have to buy the ramger pack and maybe some race-related as well/. As for someome who is from eastern europe /and even a few euro is the cost of a good meal in a restaurant/ i guess ill have to skip it:(

      • Cameron Cowles


  • joshuaedwardk

    When my daughters 11 & 7 showed interest in playing D&D, I decided to DM a 5e game for them.

    Now I have not played in 15 plus years but I made the assumption the market was full of mobile tools to run a D&D campaign. After 2 weeks of scouring the internet, I have found some solid tools, like Game Master & Fight Club 5, they are great stand along apps but there are allot of issues.

    My daughters absolutely love D&D, its becoming a rainy day Sunday tradition. So I look forward to a full set of tools since well all use iPads while we play.

    • jamesgecko

      The D&D licensing changes for 4th and 5th edition limit the utility of third party tools. You'll find that most of the useful ones are for Pathfinder, which was based on D&D 3.5. Fortunately, 5e is easy enough to play with poem and paper; most of the really fiddly parts were thankfully streamlined.

      • joshuaedwardk

        I am am noticing that with 5e. Plus I am not exactly a rules lawyer with my daughters.

  • Cameron Cowles

    Is it free or not?