Over the past few months, Feral Interactive have put together an impressive run of converting premium console releases to the smaller screen of the iPhone and iPad. Rome: Total War [$9.99 (HD)] brought the cult classic strategic conquering action to the App Store, and the sequel-cum-expansion Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion is set to launch on the iPad later this month. Despite this pedigree in the strategy genre, Feral are taking a sharp left turn with their next iOS port - today the London-based developers announced that Codemasters' GRID Autosport would be making the transition to mobile, as the complete experience from the previous PC and console release in 2014.

While there aren't any pictures or videos of how the iOS port shapes up, and no specific details on the content beyond the aforementioned declaration of GRID Autosport being the 'complete experience', the game's relatively positive reception on its inception in 2014 suggests that this latest Codemasters racing title will be a step above recent mobile efforts such as F1 2016 [$0.99] and Colin McRae Rally [$2.99]. Furthermore, Feral Interactive have previously been responsible for the Mac App Store iteration of GRID Autosport (as well as a whole host of other ports for the platform), so it goes without saying that the latest title in the TOCA series is in good hands. For more details as they break, keep an eye on Feral Interactive's Twitter account, and also be sure to join in the discussion on our forum thread.

  • sinanayurt


  • Stetch

    *makes weird noises* Yeees!!!

  • SimiaDei

    I certainly hope this is better than F1 2016. The way they talked it up at the iPhone 7 announcement had me expecting something spectacular, but it turned out pretty drab, and at this point there's no excuse for releasing a racing game without MFi controller support.

    • Duane Locsin

      I have no idea what the complete lack of MFI controller support about was in F1 2016 (though I don't care anymore about that game), or a few games that fit well on a console not having MFi either.

      Feral Interactive have a good history and porting games to Mac OS and iOS, WITH proper support, and even games that didn't have MFI initially they added them on not too long afterwards.

      Another good example are the DotEmu, who do a lot of retro and arcade porting
      Double dragon
      R-TYPE 1-2
      are arcade faithful with MFI.

      • Tom Carter

        Confirmed on twitter - Mfi support is included

  • Zen Thoo

    Oh my f****** god <3 <3 <3
    I always wanted to play it on mobile but streaming from a bead pc was a very bad choice xD

  • islesfan

    Love Grid on my Mac. Love F1 16 on my iPhone. I'd easily pay $20 for this!

  • Tom

    Its brilliant news - also checked on twitter and its coming with mfi controller support

    Feral Interactive are fast becoming my favorite iOS developer bringing AAA gaming to iOS - hoping they bring a AAA FPS next

  • Mike T4

    Oh my god no way!!!! All aboard the hype train! Finally a propert racing game that is not consumed by EA greed.
    I miss the glorious days of RR1-2, Fastlane and Asphalt when it was still good

  • Jakeopp

    Well, this should completely destroy any other racing games on iOS assuming the port is well done.

  • gfidge

    Fingers crossed for a great port...in the meantime I'll stick with the fantastic Rush Rally 2.

    • Stephen Brown

      I'm hoping to have something else up my sleeve in the rush series this year too 🙂

  • Jamesrooney27

    On feral twitter page says it come spring

  • valz34

    Wish they would all the new cars like mclaren 720 and huracan performante in this game if they could add new cars then bye bye RR3! Hahaha

  • Dahaka_101

    After many disappointments of big publishers making bad mobile ports I know better then to get hyped about this one.

    It's probably going to be a very avarage port that will not use the iOS platform too it's fullest potential like MFI controller support, cloud saves ect.
    It's probably not going to see many updates.

    Just look at F1 of Colin McRae, they have both plentiful of potential but they were just very average scoring games. Nothing spectacular. But we will see if they finally going to do it right with Grid

    • Tom Carter

      I think you will be presently surprised - they've already confirmed that mfi support is coming and if you check out their Rome:total war port for iPad - it's basically he poster boy for the perfect port of a AAA premium game to iOS - plus they are soon to release the first expansion pack for total war (total war barbarians) so you know they don't just release and ignore the game, Plus the Devs are active on the do forum and answering questions