I feel like we're always saying on the podcast how much we like it when developers take the Kairosoft formula and modernize it in fresh or otherwise interesting ways. That's exactly what's happening in LambdaMu's upcoming game which has the working title Dice Soccer Town (not its final name). In the game, you manage a team of soccer players and play games of soccer using a really clever dice rolling mechanic. I really like what we've been shown so far:

The game is still in development (as they've yet to even decide on a name), but it'll be free to play when it finally launches. Stay tuned for further details.

  • kraze ivan

    I loved the original Dice Soccer! So stoked that it's coming back!

  • Brian

    Man, I loved Dice Soccer, one of my all-time favorite phone games. Does this mean we're not getting Dice Soccer League? Looks like there's been no mention of the game since 2014. This looks like it could be cool, but I would like a little more of the original gameplay.

  • savedmanallos@gmail.com

    Soft launched in Philippines as United Utopia! Looks and feels good in early impressions.