Lilith Games is bringing an intereting idea forth to mobile with Art of Conquest. The concept is that it's a game where you're fighting to control a continent, supporting your faction that's one of seven constantly vying for control. But what's interesting about the game is how some of the systems work. You'll be navigating a map as a character, traveling to different locations to fortify bases and conquer new locales, as opposed to just tapping on different spots on a map. Then in battle, while units are controlled automatically, you lay out their formation ahead of time, with different hero units as well as troops that can be deployed. Then, in battle, you can utilize hero abilities to help turn the tide of battle. Check out some of the game in action:

Along with the combat and world-exploring, there's more familiar raiding-strategy elements such as trying to get the resources to build out your army of troops and to build good defenses. It's an interesting mish-mash of genres, for sure. Art of Conquest has been soft launched if you're interested in checking it out.

  • Gamera Love

    release date? i love total war type of game so much

  • Paul Kohler

    Where was it soft launched so I can log into that account and download? When I click your link, it just takes me to some generic ITunes page.

    • quete

      Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong.

  • Tychaeus

    Or it just says not available in US.

  • Ade Aprianto

    New concept of strategy game on android. For those who like total war game should try this game because the battle system is real time. Nothing like Clash of kings and their copies. You can download beta version from Google Playstore

    • Matthias Olander

      Worth noting that there's little unit control past the deployment phase.

  • Silkitte

    been playing it for awhile now... its totally fun XD~