During GDC we sat down with Foxglove Studios to check out two of their works in progress, Snipers vs. Thieves and The Muscle Hustle. Snipers vs. Thieves it's a really interesting take on sniper games, which in my opinion is a genre that needs an injection of something fresh. We get that here as the game has two main modes: One has you playing as a sniper trying to prevent a group of bank robbers from making it from the bank and to their getaway vehicle. You of course do this by sniping them over and over. It's really fun and a pretty traditional take on sniping games. However, the second mode flips the script and has you playing as the robbers trying to escape and make it to the getaway car without getting sniped. This plays out from a 3rd-person perspective as you run from different cover points trying to make your way to the escape vehicle. Check out the video demo of Snipers vs. Thieves.

The next game was a much simpler but even more silly game called The Muscle Hustle. Basically it takes the core element of games like Monster Strike, pulling back and slingshotting your characters around to run into and damage enemies, but places it all in a wrestling ring with a heavy pro wrestling theme. It's all very comical and chaotic, check it out in the video below.

Both of these games from Foxglove were looking really good and I had a nice time trying them out for myself after we shot these videos. I think Snipers vs. Thieves in particular has a chance of going on to be a really big deal with the competitive online gamer community. It's currently in early access on Google Play if you have an Android device and want to check it out, and you can look forward to the global release sometime in the next few months. As for The Muscle Hustle, you can look forward to that one also most likely in the next few months.

  • https://www.facebook.com/rossmanbrothersgames RossmanBrosGames

    Cool! Was the sniper game for the demo playing against AI or were those human opponents? Either way I'm sure the multiplayer will be fun.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Human! I was surprised about that but I guess they have a pretty huge player base from the Android early access version. I think he said 2 million? Crazy.

      • https://www.facebook.com/rossmanbrothersgames RossmanBrosGames

        Wow! So it is cross platform. Super cool, means lots of players at day one. That sounds great.

      • Rohit Bhatia

        i am one of the 2 million. its really good,and the matchmaking is really fast. i like it.


    the sniper game looks wildly addicting


    The last Sniper game I played was Silent Scope on the Dreamcast in 2010, so it's time for something new and I like the cartoon feel to it.

  • Daniel Schroeder

    Adding Snipers vs. Thieves to my watch list. I doubt I'll have enough time to play it, but it looks rad as hell.