We've said repeatedly in the past that Square Enix's GO takes on huge franchises like Hitman, Tomb Raider, and Deus Ex are possibly the best example of how to distill a AAA franchise into a great mobile game. Today, Square Enix Montreal released the first of three episodes that will revisit the GO games and the thinking behind their development. As the series is moving chronologically, the first episode in The GO Trilogy Stories is about Hitman GO [$4.99] and the ways in which the game became a board game of sorts that perfectly captured the idea of always being literally one step ahead of your many opponents and adversaries.

Even though the team was originally put together to make AAA games, they were told to turn that knowledge and experience into a mobile game, and I think they did an amazing job. And even though it's probably nothing but a rumor or wishful thinking, I really hope we get our hands on a Harry Potter GO in the future. There are many other franchises that would work great as GO games, so fingers crossed we'll see more of them. And remember, you can get the three GO games in a bundle here.

  • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David

    All three games are essentially the same but themed differently, right?

    • gbravetti

      Mechanics has similarities but also notable differences, specially Deus Ex.

  • http://lickmynuts.com Railgun

    One of the most polished, complete mobile game experiences to date. Very impressed by Hitman Go, specifically. A great fit even for Apple TV.