Back in early December, Kabam and Hasbro announced a new mobile fighting game starring everyones' favorite transforming robots called Transformers: Forged to Fight. Being from Kabam, makers of the overwhelmingly successful mobile fighter Marvel Contest of Champions [Free], most people figured this would be a Transformers re-skin of that existing game. Well, that's largely true, but as pointed out in an interview with one of the game's creative directors later that month Transformers: Forged to Fight has a few new tricks up its sleeve for fans of Kabam's Marvel-branded brawler. The two most significant changes are the introduction of ranged attacks and the ability to side-step attacks by swiping up or down and moving towards the foreground or background. This means fights are technically taking place in a 3D space but are still largely fought on 2D planes like normal. Anyway, at the New York Toy Fair over the weekend, Hasbro and Kabam released a new trailer for Forged to Fight, and it's looking really great.

Ok, so, as I've admitted plenty of times in the past, I was a huge addict of Marvel Contest of Champions. Like many free to play games though, it eventually began to feel like a chore trying to gain all the MANY different resources to upgrade my heroes, so after much contemplation and soul searching I finally deleted the game from my device. However, I had a tremendous amount of fun for nearly two years before that point, and I look back fondly on my time with Contest of Champions. Based on that I was actually pretty excited about a Transformers-themed version of the game. Unfortunately, while Forged to Fight is currently in soft-launch in the Danish App Store, it's also region-locked meaning just having an iTunes account in that region will only allow you to download the game but not connect and play. If you use a VPN on your device you can spoof your location to Denmark, where the game is soft-launched, and play that way, but if you aren't trying to jump through VPN hoops then look for the global rollout of Transformers: Forged to Fight sometime this spring.

  • kickypants

    Omg. Another one. Why can we just get one real console version fighter anymore. Grind grind grind. Soul calibur on mobile is so good and so rare. I already deleted this in my mind.

    • curtisrshideler

      Agreed. Just purchased a PS Vita. Can't wait to play full game experiences again. Already picked up the latest DISSIDIA for it.

      • Bliquid

        Enjoy, Dissidia Duodecim is a hell of a game packed with content.
        Don't forget to buy Persona 4G.

  • That'sMe

    Kids are gonna love it!
    So tired of iOS titles... 🙁

  • Bliquid

    I like so much what i see.
    Why, why does it have to be Kabam..?

  • bestkevin

    Also available in Canada

  • Caitlyn huffenburg

    PureVPN can be used in this case. I have used it many times to download games where they are soft launched and it works good for me.

  • Mekklesack

    I was addicted to Contest of Champions as well, it took a lot to shake it off, even though it's found it's way back onto my device, right around the time this new game appeared as well as Injustice 2! It's a relief to be able to get in on the ground floor of this type of game again before things get out of hand... again. I was watching a let's play of Transformers: Forged to Fight and the streamer compared it (and similarly Contest of Champions) as to having a girlfriend... oh the money you'll spend. But it's worth it for the good time.

  • 7lilwhitewolf7

    Transform and Roll Out!