When Subset Games announced Into the Breach last week, they also set FTL [$9.99 (HD)] on sale to celebrate the weekend of the 10th-12th. Well, for whatever reason, the sale ended a bit earlier on iPad than expected. If you were looking to get FTL at $2.99 – its cheapest price yet on mobile – you had missed out. Well, Subset Games has given you a chance at redemption, and have set the game at $2.99 again. I've played some FTL on PC, and have played some of the iPad version, but have shamefully never owned it on my account...until now. A great cosmic injustice has been rectified.

Now, if you can't get enough spaceship action with FTL, then perhaps Sid Meier's Starships [$2.99 (HD)] for a dollar might be intriguing? This strategy game by the eponymous genre legend, Firaxis, and 2K, has some connections to Civilization: Beyond Earth. It's not the most well-regarded Sid Meier game, but it's not bad. And for a dollar, if you have an iPad, it might be worth checking out as a curiousity.

  • dancj

    I like my strategy games nice and simple - so I've picked up Starships

    • khann

      Simple, meaning repetitive and easy. It got boring quick, but it seemed worth a dollar.

  • Milotorou

    FTL is a true masterpiece, cant recommend it enough.

  • Reignmaker

    FTL hasn't been updated since 2014 and doesn't play audio 80% of the time. Can't recommend it at all until the devs optimize it.

  • Xin Zhao

    I can recommend trying "Pixel Starships" for both iPhone and iPad if you want a MMO game with similar gameplay to FTL.