One title missing from this week's out now post was Soul Knight [Free], a top-down rougelike shooter that we covered recently. Well, some last-minute approval issues kept the game from releasing on time, and it was expected to be delayed on iOS by a week. The good news is that the approval issues were resolved sooner than later, and now you can play ChillyRoom's take on roguelike shooters for yourself on iOS.

Soul Knight feels kind of like a cross between Nuclear Throne and Binding of Isaac [$14.99]. You have a bunch of character classes that you can unlock with different character classes. You have to contend with limited ammo, though it seems like it only becomes an issue over the long term, as refills are plentiful early on. The levels are laid out in grid style, a la Isaac, though there isn't a boss fight every level like in that game. I'm always down for more roguelike-style shooters, so I anticipate digging more into Soul Knight. If you're playing this one, jump into the game's forum thread.

  • epsteinm

    I would say this game also reminds me of Enter The Gungeon. I played it on Android when it was released. Definitely a lot of fun and very enjoyable.

    • Dr.SamLoomis

      What's with the free price tag? I went in to the App Store and it says in app purchases, but there was nothing listed. Is this FTP or a one time but to unlock? Given my love of BoI and desire to play EtG and NT, this is downloading now!

      • epsteinm

        There IAP's, not sure why. You can buy gems which are used for upgrades and giving you another life if you die. You can also watch ads to get another life or earn gems.

  • rtificial

    I think you mean very close and like enter the gungeon. Not like the binding of Isaac

    • spizak

      Exactly. It's clearly Enter The Gungeon "inspired".

  • Sangeet Shukla