One of the games I'm most looking forward to playing on my mobile phone and tablet is Duelyst, the fast-paced collectible card game with a tactical battlefield. After months of building a pretty good following on PC, Duelyst is finally ready for beta testing on mobile, and you might get a chance to try it out. The developers have just announced that the iOS Private Beta is taking applications (Android is coming soon), so jump here as quickly as you can and apply to join. The developers are especially looking for players with iPhone 6 or better and iOS 9 or better.

The game has been constantly expanding since its release, and most recently it has added single-player boss battles, which are challenging encounters with great rewards. The game also offers Casual and Ranked PvP, daily challenges that play out like puzzles, great art, and a ton of other stuff. If you like CCGs and tactical games, this one is definitely for you. Check out the first images from the iOS version below.



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  • skylined87

    Looks amazing, but when I signed up some of the questions and required forms made it seem like they only wanted people who have played the PC version. My computer has been broken for awhile, so all I use is my iPhone. I was still able to sign up, but I guess we will see if I get an invite or not. :/

    • Pagan Fox

      Yes, same for me, which seems a bit confusing. I applied but don't have a PC Duelyst account.

    • Philosorunner

      Yeah hope it's not exclusive to people already playing on pc.

  • Drexiel

    This the game that smite tactics is supposedly copying?

    • Roleki

      What's Smite Tactics?

    • hahnchen

      It's confusing because Hi-Rez are also ripping off Clash Royale with Smite Rivals, because they are a cynical clone shop without originality.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        Gameloft 2.0?
        Just checked Smite Tactics...nah.
        Duelyst for the win!

  • TheVimFuego

    I'll give this a go, I've seen some Hearthstone streamers promoting it and it seems a decent alternative.

  • Scape211

    oh heck yes! this is the best CCG right now IMO. Hearthstone is great, but Duelyst is just a better game in so many ways. I play both, but have waited sooooooo long for this to be mobile. I cant wait for this to blow up and take the top spot from Blizzard.

  • Kobymarc

    Please for iPhone 5s 😭😭

  • houseofg

    Yeah, as a non-PC player I feel completely unwelcomed by that application!

  • Luci0

    I haven't played PC either but I said I did lol. Hope it works out. iPhone 7+

  • Milotorou

    Finally ! Ive been waiting since last year !

    • Imagon Nasah

      True that Bro!

  • JimboJimmyJim

    I played on PC quite a bit and honestly the 16bit graphics put me off. It was an interesting game and I hope it does well on mobile.