We've posted about it a few times now, but I've just been blown away by the response we've seen on our Discord chat server. It's getting to the point where it's nearly active 24 hours a day, which is super cool considering our original motivation for switching over to Discord from Slack was, "I don't know, maybe a few people will come hang out." Instead, we've got (as of this writing) over 100 people chatting during the day consisting of iOS gamers talking about cool stuff they're playing (Which lately is a lot of Fire Emblem) and a surprising amount of developers sharing the things they're working on and getting feedback from our community.

If I sound excited about it, it's because I am, hanging out in Discord with everyone has become a seriously fun part of my day. We've even got a bot cooking playing music for anyone who wants to listen and keeping track of a total meaningless leaderboard. If you're a Patreon backer, things get a bit neater for you as you get a fancy colored username, can control the music, and get access to another really awesome channel just for Patreon backers (which, again, has turned into a great way to directly communicate with them in real time).

To join us, just mash this link: http://discord.gg/toucharcade. From there you can download the PC/Mac app or just use the mobile version from the App Store. Come hang out, make some new friends, and add something else to distract you during the work day!

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