Amir Rajan, developer of the mobile version of A Dark Room [$1.99] and followups including The Ensign [$1.99], is back with a new game, called Mildly Interesting RTS [Free]. The idea is that you have a kind of Galcon-esque RTS game, where you're trying to defeat the enemy by attacking different nodes on the map, sending more units to win the node. It's got a very simple interface and look that recalls the very stripped-down A Dark Room in a way.

The game is free without any in-app purchases at the moment, and Rajan in fact says that the game may go premium or just get some IAP like skins or map packs in the future. That's still to be decided. I can say based on checking it out that is, in fact, mildly interesting, so perhaps you should check it out and hop in the forum thread if you're playing it?

  • HelperMonkey

    This developer is a very, very clever man.
    That makes me more than mildly interested in this game.

    • OrangutanKungfu

      Seconded. One of the most interesting guys in the App Store. Very intrigued by the game. Will definitely download it.