If you happen to follow any of the Nimblebit developers on Twitter, you'd know that they've been teasing screenshots from their upcoming city building simulation Bit City for months now. Taking everything the team has learned from Tiny Tower and its various spinoffs and putting it all into a full-blown city building game sounds like a dream come true, and their various social media teasers have had me excited to see what Bit City is all about. Well, today Nimblebit is offering up another tease in the form of a brief trailer giving a look at a Bit City city in action.

While there's not a ton of in-depth information about the actual mechanics in Bit City (it IS a teaser after all), the visual part is looking right on the money. I'm one of those people who absolutely loved the original SimCity but could never really get on well with the sequels that typically ramped up the complexity. I've long yearned for a more simplistic take on a city builder, and I'm surprised no one has really accomplished that in the mobile space yet. Could Bit City be the one? I sure hope so, and we'll be able to find out when the game launches sometime in March.

  • http://bit.ly/TNS-BLOG Giacomo Lawrance

    This looks awesome! I loved the Pocket Planes service, and I'm really happy this is coming out.

  • Dankrio

    Def interested.

  • Precious Tritium

    The built a little Manhattan Island! Really would love a good city builder. SimCity Buildit is fine, but the freemium timer play ruins it. Nothing else really comes close.

  • Dema

    Any multiplayer?

    • RinoaHeartily

      How do u multi-player such game?

      • frank

        connecting cities BUILDING ECONOMIES

  • ste86uk

    I wants it now

  • FrehleyzComet

    Hooray!!!! Can't wait for this to come out! I'm tired of being teased by Dave on Twitter!!

  • ste86uk

    Does this have a thread yet?

  • Sangeet Shukla

    it is avialable on android,you can get the idea about it by playing it on android.

  • vicsark

    Need beta testers NimbleBros? 😀

  • Paul

    Please be premium. Looks great.