As I talked about a few weeks back, we are starting to get more arena shooters on mobile, and I'm glad to see that happening because it's a genre that hasn't caught on yet on mobile. We've got a ton of MOBAs but not many Arena shooters. ProtoStrike, though, is getting ready to join the revolution. Level Eight is taking the MOBA camera angle but making it all about shooting each other instead of messing with minions and skill leveling. Even though we only have a short gameplay video to go by, so far I like what I'm seeing. I especially like how elevation seems to be a factor, a feature that could lead to cool mechanics and ideas.

The developers are looking for players to help them stress-test the servers. The first closed alpha test of ProtoStrike will start February 2017 and will focus only on iOS devices. Android players can also sign up, and they'll be included in the second test period. If you want to join, go to our Upcoming Games forum thread to find out how to go about it.

  • boydstr

    This looks real nice i am not such a fan of online shooters because I like to play games on my own pace but the top down view is great because the overview.

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  • justbe333

    I wanna play i wanna play!!
    My apple id(NA) is.