10tons isn't done with Neon Chrome [$6.99], their fantastic dual-stick-shooter roguelike. They've just added a new mode to the PC version of the game, and will be bringing it to other platforms including mobile in the future. This survival arena mode will have you playing as one of five roles, each with their own leaderboards, trying to survive as long as possible against ever more deadly waves of enemies coming against you. Additional enhancements can be installed, along with weapon upgrades and crates that can be found. Beyond that, good luck, and I hope you've got some survival skills.

Neon Chrome's Arena mode is available as DLC for the Steam version, and while it's only on Windows for the moment, 10tons says other platforms will get the mode too. Balancing and bug fixes are still in the works for the PC version though the popularity of the DLC will determine future updates to it. Hopefully this one hits mobile sooner than later, I'd love some more Neon Chrome to check out. If you haven't played Neon Chrome yet, the game's still on sale as of publication for $4.99, half off its $9.99 regular mobile price.

  • Far_Out

    This is great news! I've come close to getting to the Overseer a few times and was wondering if there was anything after that.

  • skylined87

    Oh....my.....gersh! Can't wait! Trying to beat overseer 3.0 myself 😎

  • westred

    This is a great surprise for Neon Chrome owners! The game already has a very deep replay value. 10Tons really knows how to met buyers expectations, and beyond! Great to see!
    BTW.... I am trying to conquer Overseer 2.0 SpiderBot. Any tips on beating this insufferable bugger?? Definitely the most challenging stage yet!!!

    • boydstr

      You can try to choose a character with a shield you have not many health but the shield will recharge so if you stay out of combat a few seconds the shield will charge it is also handy to shoot a path trough the walls so you can move more freely in that level and don't get stuck and spend some money in more damage/health and some good enhancements and abilities but on lvl2 Overseer you take much more damage but the game is fair and balanced
      Good luck πŸ˜‰

      • westred

        Appreciate your advice! I finally beat Overseer 2.0. I, too, am wondering how many Overseer "levels" (1.0 - 2.0 - 3.0....etc...) there are? I am trying to conquer Overseer 3.0, now. This is one of the best games I have ever purchased. Great player control and I agree with you, very balanced with loads of deep play!

  • boydstr

    How many times is the Overseer leveling up?