Back in September, we brought you the first details on Bandai Namco's upcoming God Eater Online, which looked like a seriously impressive attempt at bringing the Monster Hunter-esque behemoth beast slaying action to mobile. While details are scarce, especially for a launch outside of Japan, the most recent PC effort God Eater 2 Rage Burst received critical acclaim on its 2016 Steam release, as its strong emphasis on plot intertwined with its hectic JRPG gameplay made it both an accessible and endlessly deep title for anime and action gaming fans. For anyone won over by the dramatic first preview trailer, today God Eater Online has opened up for pre-registration on mobile in Japan, which suggests the title is close to a release in Asia, with hopefully a prompt Western launch soon after.

I wasn't particularly familiar with the God Eater series beyond the initial glimpse of the new mobile iteration last year, but what I've seen since has seriously impressed me. The scale of some of the battles - coupled with the wide variety of oversized weapons that can be equipped - looks like a lot of fun, and if Bandai Namco can transition the series down to the smaller screen effectively, it could be a serious rival to the excellent Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [$14.99]. Despite being a free-to-play game, God Eater Online promises MMO action with one hundred people on a single field, which sounds incredibly ambitious and I cannot wait to try it out when it releases later this year. If you're in Japan, be sure to pre-register for God Eater Online now, and if you're unfortunately outside of the region, head down to our forum thread for more discussion, as well as news on the game's Western release.

[via Dr. Serkan Toto]

  • WaveLightGames

    What a cool name for a game .... "god eater". I'll have me some Thor with a side order of Aphrodite and perhaps a pint of Horus to chase it down.

    • Stetch

      And it all ends with Chuck Norris beating up Hades himself while drinking flaming acid.

  • MintCity

    I cannot wait for this game! I love the series! Such fun games! This sounds actually promising!

  • Tim Kelley

    They already did a beta for it. It wasn't half bad compared to its console iterations. I expected it to be like the monhun mobile games, but they have it set up as a full fledged game with a full controller HUD

  • Rick McQuinlan

    Sounds awesome. I'm a fan of the PSP era Gods Eater Burst which was very similar to the Monster Hunter series. Great fun crafting your own ammo, etc. Looking forward to it!

  • Mariko

    I love the PS4/Vita games, which I like to call 'Monster Hunter but with MUCH better controls.' So I'm definitely keeping an eye out for a Western release. As my days of playing JRPGs that have no English translation are VERY long gone. I do wish there had been some actual gameplay footage in the trailer, though. Instead of just looking like it was either ripped from the anime, or in-game cutscenes.

    • Andre Darius

      As someone who played it, the gameplay is undoubtedly similar to the console. They ported it beautifully and it has lots of button which overwhelms me, haha. Monster Hunter franchise was focused on being real, so the movement are as laggy as natural as possible.. but the god eater games are focusing on more casual and better story, which is my exact cup of tea

  • macatron

    I think it should be against the "rules" for a game trailer to include only video cutscenes, and ZERO actual gameplay footage. I've never understood the reasoning behind it either because I could care less what the cutscenes look like if the game is terrible. That being said, I'm still interested in how this game will turn out. The screenshot released in the previous article for it looked really nice, so there IS hope! 🙂

    • Andre Darius

      The graphic of the game is similar to how god eater has been. Both cutscenes and the real game has same graphics, with additional dialogue cutscenes which is not in god eater burst in PSP which I played. The gameplay is insanely similar to the console, but with lots of button prepared which is overwhelming to me. I hope the final game will be better, as the loading of the game take lots of time

  • IVixenI

    This Game is similar to Monster Hunter, but with Faster Combat, Skill Tree, Elemental Bullet, Squad Selection.

    I Just hope this Mobile Version is not another Stamina & Tapping galore

    • Andre Darius

      I played it recently, and it's for sure the best port from the console game. It for sure has 2 types of attacks, that devouring move too by holding the strong attack, aerial attack, dash attack, all in lots of button that's overwhelming but I'll make sure to get used with. The graphic is absolutely beautiful and the gameplay is absolutely a port from the console.. can't wait the English language to be added

  • riku_the_Neko

    i wonder if the plan for a VR. or pokemon go like, where you will be alerted if an aragami is around your place. LOL!