Disruptor Beam's Star Trek Timelines [Free] is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a limited event called Convergence Day. This event will bring a new crew to the game that includes new versions of Ferengi Quark and C.O.P. Founder Picard. In addition to the new crew, when players celebrate their own anniversaries of playing Timelines, they'll each get a special reward avatar, Alfa 177 Canine, and all players will receive a Supply Kit, additional crew slots, and discounted Dabo Wheel pulls throughout the celebratory weekend. If you're into the game but haven't played in a bit, this might be the weekend to get back into it.

In the coming weeks we'll also get The Gauntlet, a new crew-based PvP mode tailored for experienced Captains - though open for everyone. Each Gauntlet will feature a different skill to keep players coming back each time. I know many players have complained about the IAPs in Star Trek Timelines, but if you're one of those enjoying the game, the Convergence Day event and the upcoming Gauntlet should keep you entertained.

  • Zephram

    Yet another crappy game based on a great license. I'd have loved to see the late great Gene Roddenberry put his genius to use in creating a game worthy of the franchise ( action RPG or multi-genre).

    • MonkeyChunks

      The game is not too crappy. I don't want to play it but I'd not say it's crappy actually. Crappy games are ones that have many things wrong with them at once. This game looks nice and has a decent concept. It's just not very exciting to play. There aren't many things you could actually do in it and affect the outcome of battles except just a few commands for powers to use. They should just survey a lot of people and test the game more and then redesign it a lot.

  • ProgPariah77

    I concur. Not much fun at all to be had unless you are willing to lay out a considerable sum of cash. As much as I love the IDEA of this game, I gave it a permanent "pass" months ago.