Nintendo hosted their first presentation for the Nintendo Switch, and they revealed some details and games for the upcoming handheld/console hybrid. March 3rd is when the system launches, and it'll cost you $299 in the US, and come with the system, dock, two Joy-Con controllers, dock, Joy-Con Grip, AC adapter, HDMI cable, and wrist straps. The wrist straps will include larger shoulder buttons for the controllers when using them independently for multiplayer mode. Also, the controller feature NFC, and a variety of motion sensors and advanced vibration motors that can simulate, say, shaking a glass with ice in it. And there's an interesting object detection functionality with the Joy-Con controllers that could come into play.


Nintendo revealed that the Switch will have a capacitive touchscreen (unlike the resistive touchscreen all previous touch-enabled Nintendo devices have had), though they didn't show off many games that will support the touchscreen, so how mobile-related it is remains to be seen. At least it'll have a USB-C port! Battery life will have a wild range, from 2.5 to 6.5 hours – a game like Zelda is expected to get 3 hours of battery life. The games they showed off included Super Mario Odyssey, taking place in the open world "New Donk City." A wacky fighting game using the Joy-Con called ARMS was demoed. That's expected this hiliday season Splatoon 2 was demoed for summer release, as was a Fire Emblem Warriors game, a new Shin Megami Tensei, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a FIFA game, and more. But what about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Well, that's coming at launch on March 3rd, though it's also coming to Wii U at that time.


The Joy-Con controllers will run $80 for an additional pair, and the Pro controller will cost $70 by itself. A paid online service, including a free trial at launch, will bring online play and a free game every month to Switch users. Nintendo didn't have a lot of new games to reveal for the major demos, and just which games are coming at launch remains to be seen. Nintendo has another presentation happening on the morning of the 13th, so we'll see if more games – including some shown in a montage at the end of the presentation – will be announced, including launch titles.

  • wingzero0

    Loved everything about it!

    Guess I can finally give up waiting on premium priced mobile games and go all in with Nintendo and their access to AAA titles.

    • TripMX

      I'm totally with you! My eye has been on the Nintendo Switch for quite some time now, and after watching the entire presentation, I can say with confidence that I will definitely be buying this! 🙂

  • rezn

    Appears GameStop will be putting up preorder numbers tonight and lines will form in the am. Info seems limited on this. But I'm surely going to hit up my GameStop in the morning just to be sure.

  • Lightjolly

    $300 for

    Paid online
    $80 joystiqs
    Zelda as only good launch title thats also coming to WiiU on same date
    Not bundled with a game, as I could get Uncharted 4 with a $300 ps4
    3 hours battery
    Weaker overall hardware, about the same as an Nvidia Shield

    Lol nope, I'll just get zelda for WiiU

    • spizak

      You're forgetting that games are £60 for it. Va normal £44 in uk.

  • italodance

    Looks like a big fail.

    • SayuNowa

      I agree

    • SashJ

      Omfg. Its a epic fail.

  • Quickmix

    Instant Buy 🙂

  • Taeles

    I suspect mine will have the controllers attach to the screen on day one and will for ever and ever be a tablet that goes everywhere I go 🙂

  • SayuNowa

    Not impressed. I will not be buying one. Guess im done with consoles.

  • espressomachine

    Yikes! So, just adding another full controller will cost half what the system does? (80+70=150)

    And the barebones system is priced the same as a PS4/XBOne BUNDLE?

    Good luck with all that, Nintendo.

    • espressomachine

      Ohhhhh, my bad. Two different types of controllers. The twin controllers with a charging grip (the bit that holds them together into one controller) is ONLY $100. 😐

  • Regjohn

    They need more then that. I ain't gonna change my ipad or my gaming pc for a android tablet/low end console. It's already outdated

  • durp

    I am so utterly confused by Nintendo's strategy here... unless maybe they are targeting eight year olds.

  • durp

    Really rich 8 yr olds.

  • DTK

    A other game is Steamworld Heist 😉

  • rtificial

    I'll pass just like the Wii-u. Pretty soon upgraded next gen systems will be dropping again and prices are already getting affordable for xbone and ps4's

  • Luci0

    Il be buying.. love Nintendo!

  • Dankrio

    Skyrim confirmed.

    Though I have to say that after SMR I lost the hype with the console. It reminded me that Nintendo is prone to sabotage itself and doesn't seem to learn from past mistakes.

  • orangecan

    He only thing that's worrying me slightly is the battery life.... other than that it could be the first Nintendo console I've bought on day 1 since the original DS

  • Hayley Waalen

    I hope Pokemon is shown on the 13th

  • chamillion205

    I think I'll get this system. I'm a bigger portable fan than console gamer. And this being "both" I think I'll give it a shot

  • spizak

    I was hopping for £250 in uk, which is $300. Meantime it's £300. That is steep, i mean i love what i see, but for £350 you get ps4 pro so yeah. Prob gonna get it anyway Zelda and Mario looks too cool.

  • Dawn Stung atoms

    Hardware power is very high for a mobile device if it's based on a Tegra x1. I'm most impressed at what the Joycons can do with very small sizes--- each not only serves as a complete-button controller, it also has motion sensor AND haptic feedback!!! IMHO, $300 is a very fair price for a console that can use two controllers.

    For the games, Mario Odyssey piqued my interest the most. For motion sensor, ARMS looked fun to play with Virtual On-like twin stick movements. I hope many will buy the Switch on day one to encourage more dev support.

  • curtisrshideler

    I've lived without Zelda and Mario for years at home. GBA4iOS still brings my favorites wherever I go. But the price and battery seem like a bummer. I might give it a shot in 2-3 years when The Switch is half the price and actually has a couple games I'd want to play, hopefully including a Metroid Prime-like game. We just got a PS4 and a bunch of games, and I've got so many iOS games waiting to be played, that it covers all my free time at home and on the go. The Switch is too pricey to get on launch to be a mantle art piece.

  • Michal Hochmajer

    Octopath Traveler art style whoooooo! Shaun, smash Squarenix office for more info please.
    'and ask for iOS release
    (uncompromised WHEN? not IF!) 🙂

  • HelperMonkey

    What's the screen size and resolution?

    • spizak

      1080p docked. 720p on mobile.

  • wingzero0

    The hours of usage depend on the game. That said, I imagine it won't take long at all for a portable battery accessory to be available for the NS.

    The comparison to mobile games isn't fair.

    Mobile games by and large are terrible and do little to justify even charging $1.00. Which is why they are often free with IAP.

    Which is yet another reason I want to get away from mobile phone games. There doesn't exist a single game on the iPhone that compares to Skyrim or Zelda. You have games that offer similar looks and mechanics (example: Oceanhorn), but they often fail in some other way, like length and replayability.

    But, if I'm being honest, I can forgive those types of titles. What I can't and will never do is support titles that nickel and dime you. And that's what has begun to litter both the App Store and Play Store. I realize no everyone wants to spend 5-10 bucks for a game. But for those of us that do, we have almost nothing.

    This is where the NS comes into play for someone like me. Premium gaming and portability.

    While it does require me to carry an extra device, that extra device will be much better at its singular task than my iPhone.

    • Lightjolly

      Why are you comparing Mobile games to consoles games?

      If your going to compare do it right, compare mobile games to handhelds games, you know the thing mobile gaming is actually going to replace inevitably.

      • wingzero0

        Do it right? Handheld games are leagues better than mobile as well.

        Fire Emblem, Pokémon and many others have only copycat versions on our mobile phones. And none of those, no matter how well designed and pretty they are, compare.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        Sorry, but I must disappoint you. Mobile (smartphone/tablet) gaming is absolutely equal to other platforms. What only kills it is gamers itself.

        Last night I finished Xcom: Enemy Within again. I can compare desktop and mobile version, and I prefere mobile one just simply because it is near my hand all the time (btw. two days ago, blackout happend, yay). It is tough to play it on the phone, but overall good experiance on the tablet.

        Skyrim and Zelda? Yes, we don't have those. It is developers decision not to do so (not enough sells).

        Xcom, Banner Saga, Transistor, Bastion, Panzer Corps, Baldurs Gate, HOMAM, Chaos Rings, Final fantasy...should I continue?

        Endless amount junk games? Yes. I don't care about poor at all, but why not support small good ones?

        Want I play fully fledged Fire Emblem title for full price on mobile? Hack Yeah!

        Don't get me wrong. Games on switch looks phenomenal and I will consider buying it, but it means to discharge one other device. Which is probably too much right now as ipad is productive tool in my hands and gaming console.

        But yeah, You are totally off with statement: "Handheld games are leagues better than mobile as well." They are same league!

        It's devs decision not to support platform, where they can't make enough from gamers (understandable), thats all.

      • wingzero0

        I have faithfully supported many premium priced games. But what has been my reward for doing so?

        Nothing. Because both mine and yours idea of purchasing those types of experiences are rolled over by the millions who don't want to spend money on premium titles.

        I don't think mobile games compare to the Switch due to how in the past few years, the amount of original, premium titles continues to shrink.

        Devs WONT support iOS and Android due to the mentality both have allowed to continue; namely, give it away for free, and both Apple and Google can enjoy profit from ads. Devs can't port AAA games and just give them away.

        Just because both mobile games and the Switch can be taken on the go don't make them the same. The entire experience must be taken into account. From the games, to the software and the hardware, things like the Switch offer an experience that's totally focused on one purpose.

        The last premium game I bought was Jade Empire, a great game in its own right. But playing on my 6s Plus is terrible without a BT controller. Dedicated hardware wins, and the Switch does that.

        While I may have been hasty to put down mobile games, because there are good ones that exist (Implosion/Ember/Shadowrun) they are far and inbetween. And that trend of freemium/pay to win will only continue.

      • Lightjolly

        Besides those games you've mentiones there's also all the PC ports that come to mobile that 3DS couldn't dream of handling. The gap between handhelds and mobile is mostly gone.

        Yes freemium will always reign, and thats mostly cause we've trained a generation of people to grow thinking we should get eveyrything free. But you still see games being released for $10+. Why is that? Cause there's still an audience for premium games and there's profit to be made. Maybe not as much as freemium games but you dont need to sell billions to make good money.

        BOI just released the other day for $15 and it runs better than both the PS vita and 3Ds version. MFI controllers keep selling, cause that what the dedicated mobile gamers eventually buy.

        You're better off comparing the Switch to the Nvidia Shield TV or Tablet which is the ANDROID Console.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        Oh my. My response dissapeared.
        Short story.
        Switch 2.5hr is not enough (similar experience with PSP).
        iPad/phone comb. easily through whole day no matter what am i doing (light/medium work, gaming, music, movie).

      • Eli Hodapp

        Just got dumped to the spam moderation queue randomly for some reason, I republished it.

      • Wizard of Odyssey

        That happens to me sometimes. I wish I knew the criteria it used for flagging stuff. As you know, I'm always interesting and informative, and 100% spam free! 😀

      • Michal Hochmajer

        Thank you

      • Alexythimia23

        Wing zero you are 100% right s far as I'm concerned, i have nearly every premium game that was a decent hit, i have played mobile for 6 years straight, probably clocking in 60 plus hours a week easy, and then i bought a 3ds....for those saying the experiences are the are not, you are either trolling or you have recently played some of the more console like games on iOS and currently believing the hype. Yes iOS has amazing games, but has rarely felt like that true gaming experience that other dedicated handhelds have delivered. Yes thats my two cents and no reply would change my mind from any perspective, as unfortunately apple has not yet delivered that plateau yet. For the games that do deliver, yes it is fantastic, but really its got a way to go. NINTENDO SWITCH looks amazing, and is everything Ive wanted from mobile gaming, and it will only progress. Ios will still be one of my go to for gaming but my gaming side that yearns a deeper experience is deffo going to be staying with the 3ds and nintendo switch unless apple do some moves in iOS gaming that lets devs go all out, which i don't think will happen as all these years later....gaming still feels like a lost opportunity with apple.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        Jesus! I've described just few big games which I own on steam and Appstore/google play as well, and believe it or not I barely heat up Steam. No, I play games over 25 years and only reason why i buy games on Steam rather then ios is early release date. Do I miss games from nintendo on ios? Yes. Should I pay full price on platform. Yes. Will nintendo bring Fire Emblem Fates on the Appstore. No? It is Apple's fault of course! Just wake up guys! You can blame Apple for many things, but if Nintendo's answer for my calling is another average tablet/closed platform and autorunner on "lower platform", then sorry, you are wrong guys. I wish you good luck with Switch, but it isn't messiah.

      • Lightjolly

        That's subjective, plus I can get good running PC ports on mobile that 3DS couldn't handle.

        Xcom? Tales from the Borderlands? Final Fantasy 9 defininitve version?

  • rtificial

    Right now launch games are looking a lil sad. Zelda leads the pack with 2-3 novelty games thrown in. They better fix that or suffer like the wii-u.

  • sabre31

    Uses standard USB C way to go Nintendo for not using custom adapter unlike Apple . So you can use power bricks or anything. Plus it may support quick charge hope it does. Love it have not been this excited for Nintendo since the snes.

  • Timmy2x


  • korkidog

    I like what I see in the Switch, but feel $300 may be a price point that's a bit more than many are willing to pay (including me), until we see true third party support. The Wii U had third party support in the beginning, but that quickly died off. Getting quality games like Zelda and Mario from Nintendo is one thing, but if other companies aren't willing to commit to the platform for the long haul, I really don't see the Switch having much of a lifespan.

    For now, I'll take a wait and see attitude regarding the Switch and buy Breath of the Wild for my Wii U's last hurrah!

    • Timmy2x

      How much is your phone or iPad? Hey I'm not trying to sway you either way but the way I see it $300 isn't all that bad for what you get.

      • Eli Hodapp

        That's what has had me scratching my head. Compared to the iPad, or other touch-capable platforms of that size/power, $300 seems like a steal.

      • korkidog

        My problem is, I bought a Wii U at launch with the promise of third party games and few ever materialized. Perhaps after a year, if I see that developers are supporting it well, I may reconsider, but with the few games announced at this point, I'll save my money.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        Exactly! All shown games look great. And in less than year it will be clear if Switch as platform works. I definitely want to know. But no rush.

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    It's not obvious to me that Switch is "better," because I like indie-style weirdness from the App Store, especially with cross-save between the AppleTV/iPhone/iPad, on a device that's always with me. I'm interested, but I play with my 3DS little enough as it is. This just seems like more of the same.

    I'll likely get one anyway, but I'm not sure of the extent to which this will be a sales success once the launch hype wears off.

  • sabre31

    Just preorder two units. One for the kids and one for me as I travel. Sweet can't wait. Way to go Nintendo.

  • Desertking24

    Not only getting a perfect 720p on handheld but a 1080p on tv. Considering this to be both handheld and tv console is something I will love. Don't get me wrong I love mobile gaming but I find myself more playing games that are supposed to take bite size chunks instead of even a 3 hour play session and wander around fb and maybe read some stuff off of kindle, where as game consoles or my pc or handheld I just feel so drawn to it.

  • rushmore69

    The X1 is about 20% the overall power of the XBox One, so not sure the level of quality for console games. Seems less powerful than even the Wii U.

    Could be a kick butt portable, but likely a wimpy home console. No A title cross platform titles that would be on the PS4 or One and those two are several years old.

  • rtificial

    Lawl! Apparently Nintendo didn't learn their lesson with the Wii-u. Zelda alone will fill like 14% of the hard drive. If you buy it digitally it'll take up 30-40% the hard drive. So expect em to fill up quick once again. FAIL

    • Eli Hodapp

      You can buy a 128gb micro SD card for $40, lawl.

      • rtificial

        Seeing how game consoles now burn through 500 gigs fast. 32 gigs is laughable. Kinda laughable that Apple finally quit offering phones with HD's that small and have a bigger HD than the console.

      • rtificial

        Plus another 40 to the 300 price tag not including a game

  • Krugrrr

    Ahhh, new Shin Megami Tensei!

  • Paul Kohler

    Xenooooo blaaaaadee! Thats worth it all on its own...xenoblade chronicles is definately in my top 5 games of ALL time.