While some people are enjoying Capcom's ports of the original 8-bit Mega Man games well enough, it's safe to say that the consensus is that they're not very good ports. A surprising thing for 20 - 30 year old games that ran on a system with less processing power than your bagel toaster, a disappointing thing given the relatively high quality of the Mega Man Legacy ports that appeared on other platforms in the last couple of years, but not necessarily an unfixable thing. After all, this is mobile gaming in 2017. Games are getting updates all the time! Heck, games are being updated as I write these very words. So when I opened up the App Store today and say that beautiful little red number along with Mega Man Mobile's [$1.99] icon, I got a little excited.

And with good reason! Glory be, for Capcom have fixed the sometimes non-functional left key on the virtual directional stick! It's too late to help those of us who have already taken down the not-so-good Dr. Wily, but those challenging the game for the first time will surely enjoy it all the more now that Mega Man has finally mastered the art of being an ambiturner. Nothing* can possibly get in the way of your enjoyment of Mega Man Mobile now!

* Unless you're bothered by iffy framerates, odd physics, altered hit detection, off-key music, lack of MFi controller support, altered weapon strengths and enemy hit points, changed level elements, removed level elements, non-functional foreground layers, missing graphical effects, infinite retries making 1ups pointless, full weapon refills on retries making conserving weapon energy pointless, weird enemy behavior routines, nerfed bosses, misaligned text, removed credits for the original staff, inability to use the ol' pause trick, reduced gravity, or inconsistent fonts. If any of those things bother you, I guess you'll need to just hang in there!

  • tehvar

    Absolutely savage.

  • zen_mode

    Ha ha ha

  • macatron

    The only thing that's been good about this Mega Man release is reading your satirical articles. Nicely done, sir! 😀

  • Lickzy


  • djstout

    I can't agree more and I love the sarcasms ^^

  • ludka33

    Well, I mean, at least they're updating it, right? Means they didn't just put it out there and forget about it. That's something, isn't it?

    • Lickzy

      Let's hope for more : D

    • boydstr

      We don't have to settle for "something"just release a game that is good and playable and not something that is made by picking bits and pieces from the internet.

  • brianj22

    TA App literally crashes everytime I try to post so, I give it 1 star, along with Mega Man.

    • Shaun James Musgrave

      Dang, you sure showed me.

      • brianj22

        Am I wrong to think that the largest provider of news and reviews to what is arguably the number one gaming platform in the world currently might update their app? Given that they have no problem criticizing other apps? Definitely correct me if I'm wrong.

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        We are unable to update the app due to Apple's guidelines changing after our initial release. The app is apparently in violation of a rule against recommending other apps or some such thing. As you might understand, it's essentially an impossible problem for us to work around, as the very existence of reviews that link to the games in question violates that rule.

        The app has been allowed to remain in the store but all updates or new builds appear to be impossible. The app will remain there until such time that it no longer functions, at which point it will be pulled without replacement.

        That's my understanding, but I'm just a freelance writer responsible for providing editorial content and have nothing to do with that side of the site. If Capcom would like to review our app and give it one star, I absolutely encourage that. It is certainly falling apart at the seams. We're probably not going to let that fact stop us from doing our jobs, however. If that's okay by you, anyway.

      • brianj22

        Like I said, correct me if I'm wrong, and you did. I was wrong. Capcom, not being an aggregation site, probably won't review your app. I thought I was being reasonable enough in my response but I just get down voted. While I'm here, is it against the rules to request promo codes for games on threads? I requested a code for the game Towaga and my comments mysteriously disappeared. The dev was nice about it but it seems someone went out of their way to delete my posts without an explanation as to why.

      • Douglas

        No handouts is the policy of life! There's no "mystery". Your comment was deleted on purpose.

        Also you're off topic.

  • toofinedog

    Zoolander reference FTW!

  • tex32

    Haha - my thoughts exactly when I read that! Are they playing the same games we are?! Have we all been punk'd...Ashton Kutcher, is that you!?

  • Guillermo


  • RunningWild

    Brilliant again Shaun!

  • Nathaniel Larkin

    Wow this post was absolutely misleading. I thought Capcom finally fixed the issues with the game. But no. Instead this post was another excuse for you to bash on the ports. You guys shouldn't post about these games anymore unless you have good news. Honestly...

    • Shaun James Musgrave

      I had hoped the quotation marks around Mega in the title would give it away without completely spoiling the joke. There is an update, it contains exactly what the article says it does, and yes, this was mostly an excuse to have another go at these shameful mockeries. Sorry if that's not what you were looking for, but only Canadian sorry.

      Rest assured, if Capcom somehow makes good on these embarrassments, there will be no quotation marks around the word Mega. I cannot guarantee we will only post positive news about the games from now on, though. We're not Capcom's PR firm.

      • Qwazz Bre

        "I had hoped the quotation marks around Mega in the title would give it away without completely spoiling the joke."

        For what it's worth, I personally thought it was just a joke on the title of the game/series and nothing else, so the article had me confused for a few moments too.

    • tex32

      As awesome as Mega Man is, these ports do the series zero justice. Hopefully the more noise Shaun and the rest of us make, the more likely Capcom will attempt to fix this debacle.

      • Gravity_Blast

        Not only do they not do the original games justice, but they are an insult to the first games and their legacy.

      • boydstr

        I think in this case Capcom didn't ported the MM games to do the series "justice"they just bring it to iOS to make some easy money.

  • lezrock


  • MarsMachine

    Not having good quality ports of these awesome old school classics on iOS, finally pushed me over the edge, to order a nintendo 3ds xl. First digital download: Megaman Legacy Collection! Also ordered Castlevania ds trilogy. Then some Zelda... looking forward to some old school goodness. Still love iOS gaming but looking forward to collecting some classics on the 3ds.

  • Nergal


  • Alexythimia23

    Haha people getting on shauns case over this! Imagine if he gave it four or five stars just because its a megaman port! They always find a reason to bitch, their parents must be so proud that their traits were hereditary lol