Capcom has just confirmed the release date for the 6 NES Mega Man games making their way to mobile. January 5th is when the games will release in the US. Japan's launch date is January 6th, so expect this one to roll out worldwide at about the same time, possibly later on Thursday than earlier. Mobile game release times are more of a polite suggestion than anything concrete, but the point is that the first Thursday of 2017 is when you'll be getting your Mega Man on mobile on.

We'll be curious to see how the ports of these games turned out. The first video footage seemed a bit choppy, but that could be just some issues with producing the video:

Each game will release for $1.99 and be "optimized for the mobile devices with adjustments to game speed." Regardless, playing these classics on the go via the dedicated app could be better than emulated versions, especially if some helpful tweaks come to the earlier games from the later ones.

  • Tallgeese


  • bossjaja

    Gonna buy all 6 because

    1. They're great games

    2. Megaman is on life support and Capcom needs to see that he still has fans

    3. No IAP, good on you Capcom

    I can definitely see the choppiness in the gameplay though, I really hope that's just three video. Seriously, the Megaman ll iOS port from like 6 years ago ran better than these.

    • Weisse

      Capcom knows there are a lot of megaman fans, but could care less about them, just look at cancelled projects. Most megaman games are available on multiple platforms and is hardly on life support. If Capcom put enough effort into new megaman games as they do with their dlc BS practices they might have a bigger audience.

      I recently bought the megaman legacy collection on sale on the PSN store, what has me worried is touch controls on iOS, because the game needs precise and responsive controls. I hope they can pull it off.

      • SeanTheHuman

        Unfortunately, Capcom stopped producing Megaman games because there actually aren't that many of us. Compared to their powerhouses Resident Evil and Street Fighter, anyway. During the late 2000s to 2011 when Capcom was still making Megaman games, they actually were not selling incredibly well and were seen more as niche titles, to which they really are to this day. We're just a very vocal, small niche of the gaming community these days 🙁

        And just a pointer, the bad DLC practices you speak of are pretty old news. Capcom hasn't pulled that crap in a few years now. It's not 2012 anymore!

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        Street Fighter doesn't sell that well anymore, either. SF4 did great, but each subsequent release has done worse than the last. SF5 did so poorly that I doubt we'll see SF6 for a long while. Capcom's most reliable gun these days is Monster Hunter, and RE somehow still manages to sell well in spite of the quality being all over the map after Mikami's departure.

        As for poor old MM, outside of MM9 and Battle Network, sales have been quite small. MM9 caught some nostalgic lightning in a bottle, and though I loved the BN games, they were pretty different from Mega Man proper. So yeah, you're right - it's a small, very vocal group in general. I don't think it has to be, but it is.

      • Weisse

        Valid points

        2012 was that long ago. You just don't simply forget and move on like nothing ever happened.

        As for there not being many Megaman fans out there anymore, whose fault is that? Street fighter is just as old yet still relevant ....for the time being. Capcom made some bad 3D SF games on the PS1 with the EX series yet recovered the series with 3rs strike. Should have been the same with Megaman. They have strong IPs and I really don't want them to become like Konami wasting IPs like castlevania and silent hill.

  • Intendro

    "Optimized for mobile and adjustments for game speed" gives me flashbacks to the iffy MM2 port (even the classic mode option didn't make it feel perfectly like the original game.)
    And Capcom put Internet requirement on Ace Attorney Apollo Justice, an old DS game that's already presumedly piratable so what was even the point? Why punish people who want to buy it now, for no reason?!
    So, I'm concerned that they might inexplicably do that, again!
    It makes so little sense they did that. Why...

    • Tallgeese

      ya I don't want if requires always connected, and I kinda think that might be the the proper speed of the games I used to play, I'd have to see a side-by-side though...

    • Weisse

      Capcom always likes to do something to screw over people, If it isn't a required internet connection then it's terrible DLC practice.

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        Judging by that video, they're opting for the direct route of completely biffing the ports this time.

      • bossjaja

        What makes you say that? Aside from the choppiness (which is hopefully just the video), these look pretty solid IMO.

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        The gravity is too weak, and the music is missing an entire channel. And yes, it's choppy. That part might be the video, but all three things together have me worried.

      • Tallgeese

        Geez, is it really that hard to make an NES emulator?

      • Press2Play

        Crapcom indeed.

  • MintCity

    I have only played the Super Nintendo Mega Man games. What game is the supposed "best" according to the majority of fans opinions?

    • Shaun James Musgrave

      Of this lot? You'll hear a lot of arguments, but most will shake down to either Mega Man 2 or Mega Man 3. Personally, I like 3 and 5 the best, but they're all good.

  • boydstr

    I don't understand why they relea sing the NES version of the Mega Man games the SNES versions looked mutch more colorful and prettier?

    • Shaun James Musgrave

      It's debatable if touch controls can keep up with the precision demanded by the two-button originals. I think it's out of the question that accurate ports could be done of the far more demanding X games, where you often need to be hitting three buttons at a time while quickly tapping multiple directions on the pad. There's only so much touch can do in this kind of situation.

      • boydstr

        the point that I want to make was that the Mega Man SNES games looked way better so I don't understand the choice to ported the in my view the less attractive NES Mega Man games and I think that there are ways to make the original controls in such a way that the game is playable on touchscreen the choice to put a picture from the MM x games was coincidental.

  • tex32

    I've been searching the internet since they released the trailer, hoping to find that the frame rate is strictly how the trailer was rendered. It would be amazing to have 1-6 available to play at the drop of a hat, so I'm refusing to believe that they could have botched it up this much. (I actually really enjoyed the MM2 port brought for IOS in 09. Although it has it's flaws, am hoping that these releases are at least as good as that one from 7 years ago)

  • Gurney Halleck

    Fingers crossed, but not holding breath. They could well do this the right way, though the trailer does not instill confidence :-/

  • TripMX

    Seriously, if they slap an online-only DRM on these games, I'm gonna LMAO! I am super baffled by this decision to release the original NES series on mobile this day and age; these games should AT LEAST have all features the Japanese COMPLETE WORKS versions had....otherwise, it would have been better to port X7 and up to mobile instead. Command Mission would have also probably made a smooth transition to mobile as well.

  • Fahm

    spot on

  • Mark

    Could be good quality and a good seller, or crappy controls and limited sales. In either case, it's a precedent others willbe looking at when considering re-releases of Sonic, Mario, ... for mobile platforms. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

  • spizak

    Pls have mfi

  • Duane Locsin

    If they have crap controls at least have MFI support, as that would negate any touchscreen shortcomings......unless that's screwed up as well.

    I don't get it, why is it so hard to have MFI controller support on so many games (especially those that can or have console roots) coming out this generation.