Card games like Clash Royale [Free] always face the challenge of providing a kind of satisfactory end game beyond the never-ending grind of leveling up or, in the case of Clash Royale, making it to yet another Arena. Well, according to this reddit post by a member of the developer team, the team has been thinking of ways to solve the "end game" of Clash Royale that goes beyond just adding another Arena in a never-ending ladder. After all, it doesn't take much for that kind of ladder to feel like a hamster wheel. He doesn't offer any hints on how that end game might look like, and, to be honest, it's hard to imagine how it could be. Still, I think most players will be glad to know the developers are trying to figure out how the game should "end."

The post also talked about Elite Barbarians, which have been an issue in the game, and how the team is aware that the unit might be a bit too powerful. However, the team is on a Christmas break at the moment, so no actions have been considered yet. It does seem like a nerf might be coming in the near future, but we'll have to wait and see.

  • laennium
  • thumbs07

    Not sure what they expect of elite barbs. They are able to be countered. I think it's stuff like swarms that ought to be looked at.

  • TheVimFuego

    I found the "End Game" some time ago, the uninstall option was pretty effective. Dunno what it was but the grindly treadmill got to me with this one.

    • Mr_ C_

      The game itself is a masterfully designed mobile game that fits balance, macro strategy, micro strategy and two "phases" into a 3-4 minute match. People get too stuck on making it to the next arena (hint: it's supposed to take time) and don't focus on the actual ways they couldn't improve the their deck and their skill. In other words you're too stuck on the destination and missed the beautiful scenery along the path. Of course you quit.

      • TheVimFuego

        I am no stranger to working my way through a game enjoying the experience. I've spent more time playing underpowered decks in Hearthstone just to build my collection up than I care to mention. Clash just didn't feel enjoyable in any way for me after playing for a fair few weeks so I opted to spend my precious spare time elsewhere. Each to their own Mr C have a great New Year.

  • Naveen Parmar

    i don't want this game to be end.....if they are adding arena its fun for us..

  • rewind

    There is never an end game to a supercell game... why would there be? The game always grows and continues so that it can be played and making money for years and years to come.

    • Xanthon

      End game doesn't mean an end to the game. End game content means contents meant for players who maxed out everything. It's a term taken from MMORPGs.

      • Wild Wolves

        yea just like defeating the enderdragon and getting the dragon eggg in mc, except now theres a lot more to be discovered