Considering a Nintendo representative said just the other day that their hit Super Mario Run [Free] wouldn't be getting any added features or updates, it's odd that we're seeing our second addition to the game in less than a week. But hey, updates are awesome, so no point in complaining. A couple of days ago, we got a few new cosmetic items to decorate our personal Mushroom Kingdoms with, but today, we're getting a whole new mode of play. Dubbed Friendly Run, it allows you to compete with your friends without paying any Rally Tickets.


First of all, you need to have some friends added in the game. You can play Friendly Run with the trial version, but you'll only get to do one per day. For those with the full version, clearing World 1 allows you to play up to three times daily, while those who have cleared World 2 and beyond get five Friendly Runs per day. Anyway, just choose the friend you want to challenge from your Friend List, tap on Run, and you'll be on your way. Note that this mode is basically just practice. Although it plays like a Toad Rally, you won't earn any coins, gain any Toads, or level up any enemies. As mentioned, this mode doesn't use up any Rally Tickets.

Competing with others is one of the aspects of the game that is meant to keep players coming back after they've collected all the coins in the World Tour mode, so it's nice to see more options for doing that. Using the Friend List in this way is also a good reason for players to add more friends, which should help the game sustain itself a little better over the long haul. We'll see if any other extra content comes to Super Mario Run or if this is really it, but my bet is that I'll be writing about another addition to the game before too long. Now get out there and enjoy some Friendly Runs!


  • fabell

    We'll probably see a lot more updates. It's being reported that Nintendo's market share has gone down $3.5 billion dollars since the release of Mario Run. Given that's such a big number, it's probably not solely due to Mario Run (Switch news and confusion is probably also a big factor as well as declining factors that were inevitable since the release of Pokémon Go), but it seems like although Nintendo never intended to focus on the mobile market, the market is forcing them to rethink their strategy.

    • nini

      The market is often irrational and frequently ignorant, while it has wiped a lot off their stock value I doubt the market is a good barometer for how well they're doing.

    • scottsoapbox

      How much of that Market Cap (not share) was created in the few weeks before Mario Run launched as frenzied investors sought to cash in on the 'next big thing'?

    • Eli Hodapp

      I wish people would quit trying to analyze Nintendo stock pricing as if it's a reaction to Super Mario Run gameplay and all this other weird stuff. Stocks get inflated on a cycle that's referred to as "buy the rumor, sell the news." Basically, stocks get pumped up in anticipation of a new thing, then investors jump ship when it's released or announced as the hype cycle is over. It's really as simple as that. You see the same weird conclusions being drawn after every single Apple keynote when the stock drops afterwards, as the Apple fanbase picks up on the few things that pissed them off from the keynote and say, "See, Apple, if only you would have done ________ your stock price wouldn't have fallen!" In reality, investors selling off and banking their hype profits probably didn't even watch the keynote, or care what was announced.

  • curtisrshideler

    Weird mode. Personally, I am not a huge competitor so I don't like the whole Toad Rally part as much as Tour. But I'm glad it's there for those who do like it. And I'll have to play it a little to get stuff for my kingdom. But a mode where nothing counts doesn't sound like one I'll want to use at all.

    • gaymerX

      This game seems like a big glorified demo for something bigger that will be released on Switch. I really think we will be seeing something similar on Switch but more expansive.

  • Godspoken

    Hearing the name I had high hopes this would solve my biggest problem with this game: losing toads in Toad Rally. I want to decorate my kingdom and play as other characters but honestly I'm just not that good so I feel like I may never get far. I don't see the point in locking these niceties behind competitive play in a Mario game. I really enjoy PLAYING Toad Rally, but it turns into frustration when I see more losses than gains.

    • CzarBrain

      Totally sucks.
      Losing is one thing, hit retry and move forward. This is more akin to gambling - a loss really hurts.
      I stick with coin collection and only dabble in Rally anymore. I doubt I'll get the globe, or anything "toon" wise out of it.

    • nav1

      Stick to the airships and avoid ghost houses, and once you practice enough, you'll get all unlockables pretty easily. I felt like you initially, and now I have almost everything unlocked, and I'm not that good a player.

  • Gegoben

    They added a mode with zero rewards? I'm reading this wrong, right?

    • Aaron Sullivan

      It's friendly competition (a reward in itself to the social) and a way to practice and potentially get better at the mode when you play the one that counts.

  • Dorfdad

    Missed opportunity to allow switching directions ala Rayman. This would make the game more like a real MARIO as it stands now you miss the coins to easily and once you miss one it's over and you have to try again

    • nav1

      SMR feels like a Mario game without that, you should try it. There's the bubbles for when you miss a coin. IMO, the last Rayman game was ruined when they added direction switching, it only makes sense on Apple TV where you have a controller, but on mobile it makes things more complicated, and detracts from the simple brilliance of the first game, which to me is the only mobile game to date which showed how you can have a console-like experience with the simplicity of a mobile-only approach.

  • nav1

    This is probably just for the free players. If you unlock the full game, it's pretty hard to run out of tickets. I keep hitting the 99 cap every day.

  • Nightxx

    Since there's no rewards and just simply practice mode as they present it why be dicks about it and add limitation...

    • Nightxx

      The game isn't even engaging by the lack or real time completion with friends..,