Eisenhorn: Xenos [$5.99], the latest release from developers Pixel Hero Games, proved to be highly divisive when it launched for various reasons. Some thought it was a rare glimpse of console-quality action brought to the smaller screen of the iPhone; others, including our own Carter Dotson in his review back in August, were not impressed by the clunky combat and confusing narrative that was hidden behind the veneer of graphical prowess. With such a contrasting array of opinions, it's understandable that many were somewhat skeptical of plunging into Eisenhorn: Xenos at its initial $9.99 price point. Today, the developers have put the game on sale for $5.99 for the first time, which is slightly more palatable for anyone on the fence, or anyone looking to truly flex the muscles of the new iPhone 7 with some stunningly gorgeous graphics that make the most out of the graphical capabilities of the most recent devices.

For those of you who haven't heard much about Eisenhorn: Xenos, it is a God of War-style game set within the Warhammer universe, as it was specifically based off an eponymous novel by Dan Abnett. While being a fan of the world of Warhammer will definitely help contextualise a lot of what is going on - especially in terms of the plot - such background knowledge is by no means necessary to enjoy the action of the game, let alone some of the incredible backdrops you'll encounter over the course of Eisenhorn: Xenos. With a lot of members on our forum greatly enjoying the game in spite of a relatively mixed critical reception, it's extremely evident that Eisenhorn: Xenos is set to appeal to specific tastes - take a look beforehand at trailers, our review and the aforementioned forum feedback to see if it may appeal to you. However, this latest sale means that iOS gamers who want to really show off the graphical capabilities of their devices should potentially give Eisenhorn: Xenos a glance.

  • Qaioud

    Best corridors ever to hit iOS.

  • fabell

    Know what you're getting. It's less God of War and more a Warhammer novel with an 3rd-person FPS component along the lines of Mass Effect. If you go in thinking you are getting God of War for the iOS you'll be severely disappointed, and if you go in thinking you're getting anything but a Warhammer novel you'll be numbingly frustrated. If however, you've always wanted to play through the plot of a Warhammer novel while wielding a big gun and wearing power armor, this'll be your salvation.

    • Pedro Rama da Silva

      this! This is so exactly my thoughts and defines so well the game. I don't know why people review it based on expectations and not on what it is.

  • boydstr

    Whatever your personal taste in games the guys that made Eisenhorn made an impressive action adventure whatever your game preferences are these kind of games are very seldom in the AppStore so I hope that there will be more of this type of games in the future.

  • gleeclub

    Nit compatible to my ancient iPad 4, IOS 10, NOOOOOOOOO, dangit