With so many Square Enix titles being announced for iOS as of late, it's understandable that some fans may harbor some lingering doubts about whether they'll live up to the publisher's well deserved reputation on their transition to mobile devices. However, the most recent announcement is one that should make even the most skeptical of cynics excited - Square Enix and Silicon Studio have announced that Bravely Default: Fairy's Effect is coming to smartphones sometime in 2017. While there aren't too many other details announced, the fact that this new Bravely Default game is coming from the developers of the critically acclaimed 3DS series suggests this newest Square Enix title may be significantly more substantial than some of the publisher's recent efforts on mobile, and if it's even half as good as the games it takes its name from, we're certainly in for a treat here.

bravely default

For anyone who isn't familiar with the series on 3DS, the Bravely Default titles won over a lot of gamers globally for its familiar RPG elements that you'd expect from Square, with many spells, items, and even characters reminiscent of the publisher's flagship series. However, its Brave/Default mechanic adds an exciting element of risk and reward to battles, and an attempt to streamline many of the elements makes it a really accessible entry for anyone not as experienced with RPGs, whilst also being a challenge for the hardcore fans. With only a vague description as a 'fantasy RPG', it's still not clear what Bravely Default: Fairy's Effect will look like on the iPhone, however with such strong source material and development teams around it, hopefully the mobile iteration will have as big as an impact as it had on the 3DS. Be sure to keep an eye on our forum thread for more details, as well as any more information on the 'closed beta test' which Square have stated will take place in the near future.

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  • Tonk Montana

    If it's not another free social RPG from Square Enix, I'm in!

  • Milotorou

    How much i hope it is a premium experience... oh please dear god

  • TripMX

    Glittering generalities, if the game is an online-only social RPG, then I guarantee you that I WILL NOT download the game. If it's a PREMIUM FULL GAME, then I will instantly buy it without question; case closed.

    • http://www.twitter.com/robfunnell3 Rob Funnell

      The announcement from Square was basically three sentences. Certainly not to make such sweeping black and white assumptions. Regardless of its monetisation, the fact it has Silicon Studio behind it means it's noteworthy.

      • Reaganomics

        I haven't cared much for Square Enix since 2000 and I really don't care for their lame IOS games. They're cocky with their high-priced ports, that's just my opinion.

      • Michal Hochmajer

        Out of curiosity. Do You really think that SE ports are expensive?

      • Reaganomics

        Within the iOS ecosystem I feel it's expensive. They charge an average of $15 for their RPGs. The average mobile iOS game isn't that high, in terms of cost. Honestly, I don't play their games so they can charge whatever prices that works for them.

      • Stetch

        I dont see the real different from FF7 on Playstation and on iOS. Still the same game. And its still a game. And from a game that size I personally have no issues with the prizes.

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      yeah whatever

  • curtneedsaride

    I, too, will purchase it if it is premium. And if it ends up being free-to-play, I will not even both downloading it. I can't remember the last time I even played Mobius or Brave Exvius.

  • Talaen

    Given this isn't a really well established IP yet (although I loved both games on the 3DS), going FTP may be the only way to get broad downloads and expand its audience.

    • rangent

      Yeah but we can dream though.

    • http://www.twitter.com/robfunnell3 Rob Funnell

      I disagree - it was a success on the 3DS with its more limited audience, so if it is a fully fledged premium RPG it could attract a lot of people, especially people that class themselves as 'hardcore gamers' (lol). In reality, however, reckon you're right and it will be FTP though...

    • OrangutanKungfu

      I suspect you're right, but there are reasons to hope otherwise. Chaos Rings was an entirely new IP, and that produced three premium games. The World Ends With You, my all-time favourite game, was also premium - and it was not just a port, as it was rebuilt for single-screen play - and that IP is hardly any better known than Bravely Default. So, as I say, there is hope!

  • uberdan101

    Stiiiiiiill waiting for Final Fantasy VIII

    • Booch138

      Keep waiting. 😛

    • DanKetch

      You and maybe 3 other people, 8 was abysmal. 4-7 & 9 are where it's at. That said, I hope they make it for you soon, that way you can cry at the epic love story. Lol

    • rofmo


  • Michal Hochmajer


  • maxbrickem

    one of the stupidest game titles from square Enix yet.

    • Grant

      yep. I completely agree here.

  • Sean

    Them: Bravely Default!
    Me: Yay! Finally!
    Them: ...Fairy's Effect!
    Me: ...what?

    Like most, I hope it's not a social RPG but I'm not holding my breath.

    I'd actually be happy if they'd just update FFT for newer displays. I mean, come on. They haven't updated that game in 3.5 years and it's still $14? Do SOMETHING with it at that price or lower it!

    • Saucepolicy

      I agree it's a lame name for people unfamiliar with the IP, but it has deep, malevolent meaning for those who played the first game.

  • walmartpolice

    Not sure why Silicon gets such vetting just because of their premium handheld titles.

    Their mobile games are some of the most abusive, "How much more money are you willing to spend than someone else?" experiences around.

  • Taeles

    You can do it SE... port that fantastic franchise. It can be done...

    -points at Steamworld Heist-

  • Montanx HS

    Guaranteed card collector squad battler.

  • Sebastian Gomez

    We'll bravely wait for the default timers to go off because of the fairy's effect.

    Hope I'm wrong.

  • cinder say

    if its a free social rpg i'm in. If is an useless 1 player game thanks and no

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      I'm laughing so hard and I approve this comment X'D

  • AdamBoy64

    I do wonder how much of a visual upgrade this will be over the previous 3DS instalments. They have a lot more processing power at their disposal now.

  • jamesgecko

    This isn't the first Bravely Default game on iOS. Look up Bravely Archive: D's Report.