A few days ago, Square Enix teased that they would be announcing a new mobile Final Fantasy game from Takashi Tokita, the lead designer of Final Fantasy 4 and most recently the producer behind many of Square Enix's handheld and mobile efforts such as the remake of Final Fantasy 3 and Final Fantasy Legends/Dimensions. Given his recent work, it was reasonable to assume it would be another game in the Legends/Dimensions series, and sure enough, that's what it is. In spite of it being the third game in the series (counting the Japan-only social RPG Final Fantasy Legends: The Crystal of Time and Space), the new game is titled Final Fantasy Legends 2. Assuming it releases outside of Japan, it will probably follow in the suit of its predecessor and be retitled Final Fantasy Dimensions 2.

Apart from a title, there's not much else in terms of information. Square Enix has posted a teaser trailer with a message from Tokita where he describes this game as a rebirth for the series, but there isn't any indication of exactly what he means by that. The trailer doesn't specify a release date or a potential price point, but fans are encouraged to preregister on the game's website to receive in-game presents of Tidus's Phantom Stone and the Brotherhood weapon, both from Final Fantasy 10. The presence of such items and the preregistration campaign leads me to believe this is going to be another free-to-play social RPG, but that's purely a guess on my part.

So basically, all we really have is a name and lots of questions. Will this be free to play? Will it leave Japan if it is? When is it releasing? Does anyone in the world need another Final Fantasy social RPG? Time will tell the answers to most of these questions. In the meantime, you can enjoy that trailer while you wait for more information to come up. Let's hope my hunch is extremely wrong.

  • Filiplee

    I just want to know when we will see Final Fantasy XI Mobile...

    • uberdan101

      FF VIII here....

    • Joshua Woodward

      Some info soon from the devs would be nice!

    • The Immortal Bryfang

      I'm doing my best to keep that out my mind because the anticipation is unbearable. I loved FF11 and seriously can't wait until the mobile adaption but they're being awfully quiet about the whole thing.

      • Filiplee

        I had such high hopes back in the spring, but 2017 is around the corner, and we haven't heard anything else.

    • Brandon Smith

      Am I missing something? FF XI is the online game. We will likely never see that game ever again.

      • Filiplee

        If you look back in the April/May forum, they posted an article of a Final Fantasy XI mobile in the works with screenshots.

        I almost died when I saw it, but now I'm almost dead from waiting for so long without an update 🙁

  • curtisrshideler

    Another F2P social RPG sounds exhausting. It's sad thinking kids are growing up with these app's mechanics as their definition of an RPG game in comparison with proper, premium (FF-like) RPGs of my childhood.

  • Anonomation

    So how many social/freemuim RPGs does Square Enix have up now? I lost BloodBorne for these games?

    • Anonomation

      *Bloodmasque, thanks autocorrect

  • TripMX

    Given the circumstances and the evolution of the market, you can bet your ass that it'll be FREEMIUM and online-only. There is more than enough evidence to suggest this.

    Final Fantasy Legends -Crystals of Time- had already broken 1,500,000 downloads, and it's using "THAT" business model.

    All that cannon fodder about the "rebirth of the series" won't change the fact that Legends/Dimensions II will be using the same social gaming business model as Crystals of Time. The original Legends/Dimensions was released in 2012...much has changed since then, and SQUARE-ENIX has been steadfast with the new social RPG business model.

    The original FF Dimensions/Legends has essentially been swept under the carpet, however, to my surprise, they did update it for iOS 9.

    TL;DR version:
    FF Dimensions II/Legends II WILL be another social RPG...gatchas, stamina, online-only, and all other typical FREEMIUM model woes.

    It's too bad...I really liked the original game and it's Chapter-based IAPs. There's approximately a 0.001% chance that this new upcoming installment will follow the same model as the original game.

    • Mariko

      I LOVED the first "Dimensions" when it came out! An old shcool FF in the style of 4-6, which are my favourites in the numbered games. And the last ones of said range, until 11 came out, which was great. 7-10 were when they started to loose me. I haven't played 12 or 14, I would like to, though. I tried 13 on PS Now, and was definitely turned off by it.

  • Milotorou

    I wish theyd make it like the first one, Dimensions was so good !

  • RLennon

    So, instead of collecting characters in a gatcha game, we are now collecting the actual gatcha games?

    I love FF, but how many of these types of games are Square Enix expecting gamers to gravitate to?

  • Thiago

    Pre-registration to get something FFX related? FF Record Keeper feelings here. Not that it was bad, but I really don't need another one

  • Montanx HS

    But Dimensions was a full fledged actual jrpg. This one might not be despite being a sequel? Super pumped when I saw the headline but worried now.

  • Victor Hunter

    From what I can tell it looks like the Tidus bonus is a reward that you get in The Crystal of Time and Space. Hopefully this is the case and there's still hope that this will follow in the footsteps of Dimensions I rather than recent social FF RPGs. Fingers crossed! I really enjoyed the first Dimensions.

  • maroon1

    Thats good news

    The 1st dimensions was very good game

  • ScotDamn

    How much longer can we expect SE to whore out the FF brand on mobile? I swear to god if this is another F2P social RPG I'm gonna write them off for life.

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      LMAO how threatening of you, do you think you can scare Square Enix? XD

  • Brandon Smith

    They have really diluted the Final Fantasy Brand name by labeling nearly everything they put out the door "Final Fantasy". It's tough to tell them apart, which is frustrating. Many of their other brand names used to have nearly the same cloud as Final Fantasy.