This past June, a refreshed take on the arcade classic Galaga was soft-launched by Bandai Namco in select countries with surprisingly little fanfare, given how beloved the Galaga series is. In a similarly low-key fashion, that game, called Galaga Wars [Free], has exited its soft-launch period and is now available worldwide. At least I think it's worldwide, I can't go around checking every country or anything you know, but it's definitely out in the US App Store because I just downloaded it! And let me just say that this game is freaking fantastic. The original Galaga is perhaps my favorite classic arcade game, and there's nothing scarier than seeing a company trying to "improve" one of its classic franchises for a modern audience. There's just so much potential to sully the good name of such a beloved game, but that's definitely not the case in Galaga Wars.

In Galaga Wars you'll face off against endless waves of baddies across multiple sectors, which include some pretty epic boss fights. The graphics are colorful and in 3D now, but they retain the essence of the originals, as does the remixed soundtrack. There's some new power-ups to obtain and use, and there's multiple playable ships which include the iconic spacecrafts from other Namco classics like Galaxian, Starblade, and Xevious. Oh, and you can most definitely still do the "rescue a ship and connect to it to create a double ship of death" that Galaga is most famous for. Most importantly of all, though, is that Galaga Wars feels like Galaga when you play. I mean, a Galaga where you can move your ship anywhere on the screen as opposed to being confined to just the bottom, but Galaga nonetheless. It's a blast.

While they nailed the look and feel of Galaga Wars, that free with ads and IAP pay model can also be quite scary, but it actually seems surprisingly even-handed. You earn coins during play which you can use to upgrade each ship's special abilities, or to continue a game (once) after dying. Coins come in at a decent clip, but there's a $2.99 coin doubler you can buy if you want to speed up progression. The 3 additional ships can also be purchased for 99¢ each, and for the first 48 hours after you first launch the game there's a special Welcome Package that gives you the Starblade ship AND 1000 coins for that same 99¢. Oh, and any purchase removes the static ads but retains the opt-in video ads which you can watch to continue a game or earn extra bonuses. There ARE timers associated with upgrades, which is slightly annoying, but there's nothing that actually hinders you from playing at any time, so I can deal. It really feels like they hit the sweet spot here in terms of pay model.

So Galaga fans old and new, don't let Galaga Wars slip under your radar. Download it for free and check it out, and then drop by our forums to let the rest of the community know what you think.

  • Mrbestapps

    No a fan of the monetisation system in this game. One of the worst I've seen actually. Decent game though.

    • Mrbestapps


    • Jared Nelson

      What is your problem with it? It's one of the better ones I've seen.

      • Mrbestapps

        Oh the problem with it is that is warping. The game starts off way too simple and it's boring until later stages. Problem is, if you die you need to start from the very beginning or use warp stones. You get a very small amount of those stones meaning you can't continue playing from later stages unless you use stones or watch adverts.

        It's a really silly system. The rest of the game is great though.

      • Jared Nelson

        I understand what you're saying, but that's the nature of arcade games, no? I can't start from any level I want in the original Galaga either, and in order to continue, I have to put more quarters in. The fact that they even give you the option to start from later sectors is a nice feature IMO. Plus, as far as I can tell, you can't even buy the warp stones or the in-game currency, you can only play to earn it. I have 35 warp stones right now, I don't know how long that will last me or how many more I'll continue to get, but that's a lot.

        In general though, I agree that a lot of mobile games start out too easily and it takes far too long for things to ramp up. I think every game should have a "hardcore" mode or something that just automatically throws you into the thick of things so you can get an entertaining game in without having to spend 15 or 20 minutes playing through the stuff you've already perfected.

      • Mrbestapps

        I'd have preferred a £5 iap which allows you to continue from gates for free. The rest of the game is great though! I love the upgrading system and stuff.

      • Jamesrooney27

        I've seen worse

      • Mrbestapps

        Yeah there're worse. I mean that this pay model isn't a good one but it's not the worst one.

    • Jamesrooney27

      This is why we don't have nice things because people like you, perfect payment model

      • Mrbestapps

        Umm it's a terrible pay model. Warp system is dumb.

      • err404

        The reason we can't have nice things is because of people who refuse to pay for anything. You can't have nice things because the developer has to give away their games for "free".

      • Mrbestapps

        Considering I've spent £500+ on IAP, I'm 100% willing to spend. But this pay model is dumb. I'll just stick with bullet hell Monday and Phoenix 2.

  • Baron Cappuccino

    Chillaxian is my favorite game of this genre, but this looks worth checking out.

  • stargoo

    GotW. So addicting. I just ignore the pay model.

  • Wally Ramone

    Does anyone know if this game has an ending? I've been playing Sector 11 over and over and it feels never ending

    • Techno Flame Moton

      I've played sector 11 for 20 mins