img_0814We first launched the TouchArcade app all the way back in May of 2012. To put that into perspective with what was happening in the world of iOS at the time, that was before iOS 6 would even be announced at WWDC that year, and if you were really cool, you probably had an iPhone 4S in your pocket even though the iPhone 3G and 3GS were still incredibly dominant in the market. It launched before everyone decided they hate textures and skeuomorphic design, and before the wide screen of the iPhone 5. Honestly, I'm surprised it still works as well as it does.

We originally had big plans for the TouchArcade app, then two things happened: First off, it was totally ignored by Apple when it was launched, and despite a universally positive reception from people who reviewed apps at the time, never was featured. Without the fire hose of new downloads featuring provided, we only ever saw the installs we could drive ourself off this website, which needless to say was significantly lower than our hopes based on the performance of the AppShopper app which was featured when it was released.

The (relative to what you can typically expect with a free app that gets featured) low number of downloads made it difficult to rationalize continuing to develop the app beyond bug fixes and tweaks, but the second problem is worse than the first: Apple shifted their App Store approval guidelines which resulted in minor updates we submitted getting rejected due to them seeing the app as a "store within a store" which promotes other apps- Two extremely big no-no's in Apple's eyes.

Even if we wanted to release a simple update to the app which fixes some bugs, adds widescreen support, and recompiles the app into a 64bit binary, it won't get approved without a total rework of the core functionality of the app. It would effectively need to become just a way to read TouchArcade content and the forums, both of which work perfectly fine inside of Safari.

iOS 10.1 introduces a new popup warning people when they launch the TouchArcade app that this app will slow down your phone. What's actually happening is your iPhone is just warning you that the TouchArcade app isn't a 64bit app and isn't running as fast as it could be if it were. Which, again, considering the app was built for the iPhone 3G years ago, any performance hit caused from it still being a 32bit app is vastly mitigated by current generation iOS devices being exponentially faster than the hardware the app was originally built for.

I've had a lot of people asking me if they should delete the app so their phone runs fast, and really, while that's totally up to you, what's actually happening is Apple just chose to word that message really poorly. An app slowing down your phone sounds scary, but, in real-world use, I'm not convinced there's anything to be worried about.

As far as the future of the app is concerned, it's not looking great. We're always evaluating different things we can do, but considering it was originally built for iOS 5, anything that is done is going to require a significant rework of the code powering the whole thing as basically everything has changed since 2012. Even if we just removed all the things Apple doesn't like, there would still be tons to do to get the rest of it running properly on iOS 10. We had hoped this was something we could do if our Patreon was successful, but over a year into that campaign and we're still hovering at around half of what our original goal was so we really do not have the resources to get involved in significant updates to the existing app or the development of a totally new app.

If there's any silver lining to be found in this whole situation, Apple at least doesn't seem to be removing the app from the App Store- Or, at least, we haven't received the notification that a lot of developers have gotten on the impending removal of similarly old apps and games if they don't get an update. So, like before, the TouchArcade app will continue to limp along with one more thing we can't really do anything about. It's unfortunate that a nebulous and scary sounding popup we have no control over might be leading people to delete the app, but, it's just another wonderful thing you experience in Apple's walled garden.

For what it's worth, I still use the app every day, and aside from it feeling a little dated, it still works great.

  • saansilt

    The app is beautiful thing, and the fact that it still works despite iOS update after update has indeed been a boon. Had Apple teamed up with sites like TA who really love iOS gaming, so much could've been different. But here they are with an absolute mess of a store that will be heck to clean up. Viva TouchArcade!

    • HelperMonkey

      Can we post an alert for Apple?
      "Death of the Touch Arcade App may severely diminish ongoing interest in iOS gaming."

      • Mince0

        They could release a unsigned update that we sign ourselves using cydia's impactor or Xcode (free dev account)

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    This must be one of the most FA of the FAQs about Touch Arcade!

    The app is fine, the site is great. The best thing about the app is the way it can get push notifications for games you're watching. Also, it keeps you logged in, which the site doesn't always do. We could live without it if it went away, but if anyone is complaining about the lack of updates in the app, fish out some cash for the Patreon!

    (please note, I don't work for TA, I just like them!)

  • Duranki

    That really sucks, but it doesn't surprise me at all. I read TA through the app exclusively. I suppose I'd browse the site if I HAD to, but dang, the app is just 1000% better.

  • curtisrshideler

    My most used app probably. Stupid that Apple sees it as a store within a store when all I've done on it is be directed to a game on their store. So, this app only helps their sales. So dumb of them to not feature it.

    • ROGER-NL

      Apple is not the smartest company, they showed that with removing the Gamecenter App, STUPID STUPID STUPID.

  • Daniel Schroeder

    I use it all the time to see what's new in that hot games list, and to find more than just a review of a game (vs. AppShopper), and especially to check on games on my watch list. Notifications often come late nowadays, but everything works just fine in general. That said, I'm still on iOS 9.something, so I haven't seen that pup-up.

    • Eli Hodapp

      It's a brand new thing with iOS 10.1

  • jayfisch

    Without hyperbole, this app and website changed how I played games forever. After not having a console since GameCube I hadn't really played anything except some really bad games until I found TouchArcade. There is no other app like this one that has such great articles and notifications about games you care about which I then spend money on for APPLE. Not sure why they are so worried about it

  • skylined87

    I would still use the app even if it caused a hand to protrude from my phone and slap me a few times every time I opened it. Actually, that would be a pretty cool feature! I would just run around going up to people and saying,"hey, check out this cool new app! Just press the icon to open it." and watch as the slapping commenses. Then I would suggest you change the name from TouchArcade to SlapArcade, because that would be more appropriate. 😜

    • wheeeeman

      I would still use the app even if a dildo comes out the screen and fuks me for a few minutes each time I open it. No homo. True story.

      • borb86

        😪 I miss that update too

  • walz81

    The consistency on this application is why it's one of my favorites. No need for change.

  • Ijipop

    Most used app too.
    Been reading everyday for 4 years now.
    Touch arcade story is so sad.
    The people there are doing a wonderful job.
    The writing is top notch.
    I kinda feel part of a little community.

    Start a kickstarter for a new app.
    I'll gladly contribute!

  • timmbot

    This app is on the first page of my home screen, and I have upgraded my phone 3 times since the app launch. It has lasted longer than Brad Nicholson!

    • Eli Hodapp


      • Mince0

        Release a unsigned version on GitHub and let us sign it ourselves using Xcode or cydia's impactor?

  • GiHubb

    I still use the TA app evey day as well. And the original AppShopper app too!

    • Collin

      Same. I dread the day when it finally takes a digital dirt nap, because even though the site works fine in Safari, it doesn't fit my browsing habits nearly as well as the app does.

  • iamkory

    We should band together as a community to get the app up to spec. Surely there are more than a handful of designers and engineers here that could invest the time to rebuild it given all the good that TouchArcade for done for us and the mobile gaming community.

    I, for one, would be more than happy to volunteer my time. I'm a product designer at Facebook (and previously Twitter and Apple)

    Any thoughts?

    • whitestatic

      Was thinking the same thing. If there's an appetite for building the thing with a volunteer army, count me in as well. In terms of what's wrong with the core app structure, I'd start with looking at just starting from scratch (sometimes a complete demo is faster than trying to prop up or patch the existing stuff).

    • Barc

      Also happy to help with sw architecture/design/development.

  • shining jade

    Ill never remove this app! Love it! have loved it for years even if it gets pulled from store its still in our clouds and on our devices ! This app is amazing & my go to everyday works great on my ipad pro 9.7 & worked great on my EX ipad Mini 1 no issues at all ..
    i look forward to many more out now posts on Wednesday's ^-^, heck just like appzapp if you made a pro id buy if i had itunes money at the time! I bought appzapp pro & there ad removal package just to support them ! You guys are great keep up the amazing job!

  • Mark

    On the poorly worded "this app is slowing down your phone" message: my understanding is that iOS 10.1 by default only loads the 64-bit system binaries into memory. If one app requires the 32-bit system binaries, that forces the OS to free up a certain amount of memory to load the 32-bit system binaries alongside the 64-bit ones, which indeed potentially slows down the phone as it needs to close other apps to do so.

    So it's not just a matter of "this 32-bit app doesn't run as fast as it would if it were 64-bit", it really is "supporting this 32-bit app could have a negative impact on some other apps".

    • Adams Immersive

      Interesting. Would force-quitting a 32-but app after use mitigate the problem? (I have TONS of old games I plan to keep, and I assume that since I seldom actually launch them, they won't be a problem simply by being installed?)

  • Caminagetcha

    I would pay for an update. It's how much I use and love the app 😀

    • borb86

      That's true too, I wouldn't think twice about dishing out a few dollars for an updated app. TA has saved me more over the years than I could probably conceive without puking a little in my mouth it's the least I could do.

  • Press2Play

    When I fire up my wifi and data, TA is always the first app I open, just makes my finger tap that TA logo everytime for me it's a Habit.Nice work TA now i'm infected with TA virus but it feels so good.God Bless.

  • borb86

    I can honestly say I've never visited the Touch Arcade website and use the app exclusively. It's always been great at what it does. Appreciate the transparency as to why the support has been minimal though.

  • rammer

    If this app gets the boot I will just go to safari. Much love for touch arcade! I buy all my games through here helping you guys with your stats/analytics.

    Good luck dudes

  • Enker

    I love this app and use it every day, and will until it's replaced or stops working entirely. TouchArcade has created a beautiful thing here.

  • smiffee666

    that's it, i've had it with apple, i'm going to get one of those brand new Samsung galaxy note 7.....oh bugger, thats right, i forgot they ruddy blow up😞 oh well as long as i stick with my iphone's, LONG LIVE THE TA APP, its been on all my phones since my iphone 4 years ago and its my one main source of IOS meaty goodness, God bless TA app

  • TrencH

    I have supported the Touch Arcade since I started playing on iPhone for about 5-6 years. I go on this site multiple times a day and is by far my most used app for getting a bead on anything to do with mobile games. Nothing comes close (and I have tried to find better. It is just simply not out there). The TA app may be showing it's age but it works great and is very easy to navigate. When this app would shut down I would just put a Safari version on my home screen on my iPhone. That simple. Touch Arcade ever going down would be equivalent of when Nintendo Power magazine stopped being made. As much as I use it it would create a huge void in my gaming radar and news. I hope that never happens.

    If there is ever anything else I can do to help let me know. I will see what I can do. Been doing Patreon since it was started and never looked back. This site holds high value to me.

  • Wizard_Mike

    The ironic part about all of this is that I wouldn't have spent half as much money on the App Store if it wasn't for this app. They don't realize that this "store within their store" is what keeps me spending money on their store.

    • macatron

      Ha! I TOTALLY agree with you! TA's "App Watch" has alerted me of all kinds of apps I'd forgotten about. Without this awesome app I would've definitely spent a lot less in the AppStore.

  • Brian E

    I'm with several folks here: in spite of the warning I'll still use the app every day, and (also as other's have said) base a good deal of my app store game discoveries and ultimately purchases off the reviews and comments in the forums. @Eli Hodapp:disqus and all, thank you so much for letting it continue to stay on the app store.

  • WP

    I suffer from an old school disease wherein I hate opening any website on a mobile browser if I can help it at all. The TouchArcade app helps me live a normal life. Five stars; would purchase app if able to.

  • Qw3rTYz

    Breaking News: iOS update may slow down your iPhone!

    Seriously I'm on ios7 and couldn't care less about their updates

  • ZeroVoid

    I would totally contribute to a Kickstarter to raise money for an updated app. Unfortunately, that wouldn't help with Apple refusing "store-within-a-store" apps. Who would it be best to contact about the utility of the TA app, and TA itself? I browse games on the App Store almost exclusively through the TA app; similarly, I use the TA app to research any game before I buy it. Like others have said I've probably spend 100x more money on apps from the App Store BECAUSE of TA; Apple giving it the cold-shoulder is frankly idiotic on their part.

    I may not always agree with some of the editors on this site, but I think we can all agree that it is invaluable for iOS as a whole, and Apple needs to recognize that.

  • Bischi777

    Still my no 1 app/page for ios related gaming. Love you guys and the whole community! Hope that all turns out great for you!

    Greetings from switzerland (so pleas let me know if I should send you some gold bars)

  • Adams Immersive

    I've never tried this app (I use the site) but I STILL use the original App Shopper for nearly every purchase! Long may it live.

  • Booch138

    I still use the app. And I will until either one of us dies.

  • jamesgecko

    Does this mean that the dreadful mobile website will get an update? It's much, much more scrolling to see all the most recent news at a glance, and clicking any of the navigation links on the top toolbar takes you to the desktop site.

  • ZS77

    Ok, so it has a few flaws, it's a little clunky at times and you can't uncover hidden spoilers without replying to the post to see the original post quoted in your reply.......and it won't let me upload images to my posts........and the 'back' button takes you back out of a forum the layout and UI are so....2012....

    ....but you know what? I love it. I use it every day, several times a day in fact. It's quicker and easier to use than faffing around in Safari, waiting for pages to load and then having to zoom in/out to make them fit me, the TA app is TA! It's great, I can quickly and easily reference what's current in the forum discussions, see the latest news and reviews, track upcoming games, see what games are high on the hit list and keep a watch on my favourite/wanted games for price drops and updates.

    It's criminal that Apple clamped down on apps like this, commercial censorship at its worst. Shame on Apple - it's not even that the app is competition, Apple just wants to avoid ever having to face the possibility that someone might produce a better App Store alternative than theirs.....all I'll say on that is 'monkey' and 'Linux terminal'..... 😐

    Long live the TA app - every new idevice should come with it pre-installed, beats the hell out of most of Apples own apps!

    • Son of Anarchy

      Hit the 'back' button three times to instantly get out of the forums.

  • meponder

    I've used it for years. Daily. Still love it! My only issue (not significant enough it even call it a complaint!) is that swiping to go back doesn't work. The core functionality for me is the watch list to keep up with updates and new stories about key games for me and my son (hello, Minecraft!) Apple really could benefit from this, as TA is easily the best and most timely iOS gaming website (I'm looking at you, STP.)

  • LErnest
  • luisfrocha

    What if instead of the price button, you change it to the "Download from App Store" icon? Would that suffice to appease the approval ogres?

  • ggallin

    The TA app woks flawlessly 4 me, however a interface rebuild can be great.

  • vid_icarus

    This app is really amazing and it shows how slow Apple is to understand games and gaming markets that the Touch Arcade app isn't promo'd under the "Essentials" category of the App Store.

  • loox

    I use the app several times daily. It is my one and only stop for app news.
    Safari won't be as convenient. It's a shame.

  • Spudboy

    So from the time your app starts giving this notice, to the time Apple kills off your app. Is how long?

    Someone smarter then me will make one of those fancy graphic things that shows off that data.

  • AlpacaLips

    I'm running iOS 10 and the app works 100% of the time for me, with no notifications, no slowdowns, and no problems whatsoever. I use it daily, and I'd like to kick Apple in the throat. Thank you and good night.

  • Derprozess

    I love the app, rarely I check TA on safari.. It has its flows, errors with posting comments, or not being able to see hidden messages in forums, but this problems are for years now, so it doesn't bother me. However, when and if you guys will make a new TA app, will be the app of the year for me.

  • ShelvsHotPencil

    I th in this phase 0ne.
    Apple will pull those apps from the Appstore l
    We have to make our voice heard and protest.
    If you guys don't your major iOS developers move to the android market.
    Some of those apps works fine,
    Stranger s wrath
    And I think GTA sa too.

    DON't wait for phase 2.
    We need to mass target apple support ( just like for the Game Center bug)
    To make them change the wording of the alert.
    To 2k- update the apps to make them run better.

  • Mcwomble

    For a dreadful moment I thought you were announcing the death of TA. I'd be lost without the shit filter of TA. I regularly use it to decide whether to install an app as your reviews seem to be well tuned to my own likes and dislikes. Long live TA

  • Thiago

    What if you do ANOTHER app, that doensn't link the games directly to the app store, would that still be a violation of the Apple rules for apps? I suggest another because it would be a shame to risk loosing the app we have now, if the updated version doesn't work. I certainly wouldn't mind much typing the name of the games on the app store if that meant the TA app would work better

    • Eli Hodapp

      That's probably the smartest course of action, sort of like what we did with AppShopper and the "new and improved" AppShopper Social.

  • macatron

    I use the TA app every day! I'm still amazed that it still works as well as it does too, but I plan on keeping it on my phone as long as it remains functional. 😀

  • JDCrawley

    I use this app literally every day, I have never frequented or posted on the forums, or visited the website. All of the TouchArcade content I consume is through this very app, either on my iPhone or iPad, and I would be very sad to see it go, or to see Apple move towards having it taken off the App Store all together. I don't care about the start up notification really, and have no fears as to how using this app will affect my devices. Here's to hoping the app will stick around for quite a while longer, as I feel that I'd consume way less TA content having to use Safari as a workaround, an app just feels better and more fitting for this type of content.

  • kitkeat

    If it helps, I would pay for a new version or even an updated version of this app. Easily. Good luck!

  • nkx

    I love this app a shame what apple is doing.

  • wasabipeas

    I agree with everyone here ! the best app on my phone and i use it every day ! I LOVE YOU GUYS ! Also, no problems here with ios 10? what are they on about ...

  • jenduke

    If apple decides to remove toucharcade im not buying a single goddamn game from their appstore.

    Toucharcade has been my goto games sorter for over 3,5 years now due to the incompetence of the appstore sorting algorithms and their push for low quality freemium games.

    Its nigh time they update their nazi ways of driving away good publishers and people that add gold to the community, while being ever restrictive to their customers, and im sure i wont be the only one for whom that'd be the last straw.

  • blackefyre

    I've used TA app for years and will continue to use it for as long as I can. I use it daily to look for updates and sales and of course freebies. I hope you guys can update it like you want to.

  • Spudboy2012

    Since Apple has the power to kill off any app it wants (incase something really nasty gets released), will be interesting to see the day that 32-bit apps are deaded.

    I'm starting to looking for alternatives for Appshopper. There is nothing to replace the TA app.

  • DarkScience

    I use this app more than facebook, I check it multiple times a day cos I like to know what's happening in the iOS games world!! I truly hope the app continues for years to come, my phone won't be the same with out it. Massive props to u all at touch arcade. Line live the app!!!

  • Marvin

    I'm throwing this on twitter to Jared!

  • Jalus

    Adding to everyone else: this app is my preferred way of consuming TA content, hands down. It lives on my home screen and is used daily. And I'd pay for an update. It's helped me buy more games on the App Store than any other mechanism, including any of Apple's 'Featured' rankings/lists on their store. They should be thanking you for driving traffic to downloads, not standing in your way.

  • ZS77

    I've just been thinking this through a bit more - so Apple doesn't like apps that promote games and provide direct links to the download page on AppStore.......and yet revenue generating, in game ads and their F [_] ( |{ | || G annoying constant interruptions insisting you buy the latest generic, confectionary based pile of vacuous match-3 sh!te is acceptable and not in any way

  • ZS77

    ....doing the same thing but in a much less informed, biased or reasonable manner? What a load of hypocritical BS. Apple really needs to let go of its own sense of superiority and start mingling with the masses.

  • tp015657

    Just a suggestion, if you do plan to update this app at all, why not make it standard excluding the "store within store" feature and tracking then as users download they can request through the app after logging in to download additional assets that will enable the features, and while at it make the app versatile as in updatable through patches within the app this way you circumvent Apple on both instances like some games do these days, hardly ever get updated through app store but always getting patches to download.
    Just my 2 cents, sry english not my main lang.

  • jbsib

    The TA app is something I believe many readers, myself included, would gladly pay for. If it's the cost of making the app that's the issue, making it paid could work well, especially considering the majority of users come from the site rather than App Store charts, and thus be more likely to pay.

    Alternatively, as the patreon has been quite successful, maybe a separate instance of crowd funding could work? I think many readers would gladly contribute to a Kickstarter.

    Regardless, the app still runs great and will continue to see use on my phone for sure.

  • Mince0

    You could release a updated fix etc for the app on GitHub and users could resign the app using 'cydia's impactor' (the app used for pangu 9.3 jailbreak) or use a free dev account in Xcode to sign the app, which sort of fixes hthe problem except it will need to be resigned every 7days for a free dev account or when using cydia's impactor

    • D. Bida

      Three. The amount of times you've made this same post. Not being rude but I'm sure Eli has A. thought of that and B. read your other two comments stating the same thing. It's clearly more of an issue where they don't have the time and resources to even go so far as to update the apps code. Personally it sounds like TA isn't doing too well (money-wise) which is definitely unfortunate

      • Eli Hodapp

        It more just seems kind of crazy to even put effort in that direction as I can't imagine many people are going to be installing the app themselves via compiling it in Xcode. I'd rather just focus on editorial content which is our bread and butter.

      • Mince0

        Sorry posted it a few times because this feed got large fast didn't think people would notice, and it is a viable method to keep the app updated if the app was to ever stop working.

        It takes like two seconds via cydia Impactor you just drag the app enter a Apple ID (for the free dev account) and it finishes very quickly.

      • Mince0

        If you open sourced the apps code it might not even need to be 'crazy' someone might pick it up as a hobby project in their spare time.

  • Mince0

    I can't stand the thought of loosing my wishlist haha

  • Styrixa

    I use the app, I like the app, and I hope the app stays. I especially like the notifications, although forums could be better implemented.

  • KeepingDirtClean

    I love the TA app. I check it every day.
    I like the reviews, the speed at which I can be alerted about new games (I love iOS games and am currently developing one). Most of all I like the community, the comments under every game are honest without being vindictive. I've seen numerous examples of worthwhile feedback loops between devs and forum members.
    So, don't go changing on my account, you're doing a great job as you are.
    P.s. I'll pitch in a contribution to the patreon.

  • mudads

    If this happens, is there anything us lowly plebs could do to help the cause???

  • Roadblocked

    When a business model revolves around internet panhandling (patreon) it's time to really re-evaluate what you're doing as a whole.

  • ttocs

    I actually use the app more than the site. It actually sits on my front page of my iPhone. Love it.

  • Luci0

    Probably my most used app is touch arcade app. I buy most games through their links.
    Wake up apple 🍎

  • Touchmint

    Man it's annoying Apple won't let you update. You guys tried to slip any updates through? I've had apple reject for dumbass reasons then wait a few weeks resubmit and pass. I'm guessing they have a note or eye on you guys tho.

    Anyways that's good they didn't remove your app because it's sounds like they are just picking "dated" apps a sending out emails for them. Devs can't really figure out what calls for a dated app either. It totally seems like the reviewers are just picking and choosing.

  • FuZion

    I love your App. Pretty much use it daily & have done so since my 4S.

    I imagine one day it'll not work & that's a shame, but I'll defo keep using the website.

  • ManuD

    I confess, I've never used website since app was launched. Its OLD but GOLD. Hope it keeps breathing......

  • daftman

    I will be very sad if the app ever stops working. I use it very nearly every day. It sits next to FaceBook on my phone.

  • Spuzzy

    I use this App everyday and it occupies premium real estate on the front page on my phone since day one.

    There has to be a silver lining in this.

  • theforkfactor

    The app is the only way I access TA anymore. It'd be sad to see it go even with it being outdated.

  • lightasammo

    Love the app even in its current condition. Seems as though some users are willing to help make a new app which is definitely the way to go instead of replacing this one. I visit the app 4-5 times a day for news and there is just no better way to discover content in the App Store. Releasing a paid version of a newer app would not be a bad idea for current users however, it would greatly reduce the amount of new users that TA could possibly attract with a new release. Apple is very much into curating their entire ecosystem themselves, especially which third party apps and products they feature. It's a shame because when it comes to games no one holds a candle to TA.

  • klink

    Screw Apple's heavy handed ways.

  • joseywales

    This my daily go to app. Love the reviews, gaming news, and checking on my wish list. It's just a great app all the way round from a great gaming site. Hey, maybe if you could work in a way to do micro transactions and nickel and dime the hell out of everyone Apple would be super supportive and put you in the new apps we love section.

  • Marvin

    I wish everyone would contribute money to the Patreon. I personally do $10 a month, and look at it as a magazine subscription. If I could supply TA with enough money to finance everything that they want to do, I would. I use this app more than any other. I ghost through a lot of game threads, and reply on quite a few as well. I have been a gamer for as long as I remember, and TA gives me the honest information I seek in making decisions on where to put my money. I buy plenty of premium games, because I believe in supporting things I enjoy.

  • Filiplee



    All caps aside, this is a twice daily app for me. I check it all the time. I appreciate all of the hard work in the reviews, the upcoming app news, and frankly no one else is doing this on the App Store. This is a diamond in the rough that deserves so much more. Thank you all for the countless hours of hard work put in each week.

    I think I speak on behalf of everyone here, you guys are the GOAT. Please keep up this stellar service!

  • evilalien

    Apple douchebaggery.

    I wonder how much of a positive impact on TA diverting focus to Android gaming would have. Google might be willing to give your app a boost just to stick it to Apple 😉

  • jmcse1

    I run IOS 10.0.3 on iPhone 7 runs no problems. Runs at least as fast as it always has.

  • Jackaluk

    Thanks for the honest update! I use it just about every day! Does what I need it too, so all good!!! Maybe one day eh!!

  • ScaryFatKidGT

    You think they would like an app that gets people to download more apps?

  • ScaryFatKidGT

    And just saying I have never seen that message

  • Mj1ggy

    App still works great, have seen this with a few other apps and no issues thus far with any of them.

  • Fireman4200

    @TouchArcade I'm sorry you guys! I've used the TouchArcade app sense my first iPhone 4s way back in the day. Still to this day I check it daily and quickly tap to get to the "Out Now" post every Wednesday night! I just want to sincerely Thank everyone from TouchArcade! Your articles and reviews have entertained, interested and made me discover so many great apps over the years! I don't care about some stupid pop up, the TouchArcade app has been and always will be on all of my iPhones. There are some similar apps, but I've tried a few, might have a fancy app, but none of them compare to TouchArcade. Not to mention, I always see countless iOS sites copy/use TouchArcades Articles and reviews. About 4 months ago I started listening to the TouchArcade podcast, now it part of my routine, i listen to it every Monday morning when I'm prepping the kitchen at work. If I had the money I would definitely support your Patron. Keep up the great work TouchArcade! Good luck! Hope everything all work out! 🙂

  • rich_952000

    As a simple gesture, give to TA's Patreon. I'm sure all who use this site/app find its worthy of $10 monthly.

  • Skryia

    It is impacting your phone as a 32-bit app. The reason is that system frameworks are cached, and are cached per-architecture. So if you are running a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit apps, you have multiple frameworks resident in memory. If you are running a single 32-bit app, it is consuming memory keeping those frameworks loaded that could be getting out to use for other things. So the hidden cost of a single 32-bit app is much higher than it would seem.


    Just got the same message after updating to 10.1 whoops you got a problem there.

  • Out5poken

    @hodapp:disqus I know this is an old topic but with Apple recently announcing that they will be cleansing the appstore of all apps that are not updated to 64bit, will this mean a definite end to the TouchArcade and Appshopper apps as I assume they're still 32bit?

    • Eli Hodapp


  • csddavies

    >>First off, it was totally ignored by Apple when it was launched<<

    Life of an iOS developer. Don't rely on Apple for app exposure.

    I just rebuilt a bunch of stuff simply by checking the 64-bit option. It's not that big of a deal to rebuild. Everything is pretty backwards compatible.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Yes, obviously.

      We've had code audits, it's a nightmare. The TA app was built for iOS 5.