We really enjoyed Leap of Fate [$3.99] here at the TouchArcade Towers for quite a few reasons, and I personally thought the way the developers used various parts of the screen for special abilities was pretty clever and worked quite well. In a recent article, the developers talked in depth about how they went about making a fast-paced action game work well on mobile. They talk about how their number one priority was to build a control scheme that didn't require players to look at the HUD while playing so they could be focusing on the action (like how you play a console game). The article also talks about how they went about deciding on what kind of virtual sticks to have in the game and what playtesting taught them when it came to that aspect of the game.

They then go on to talk about the way they figured out how to have the numerous abilities on screen without having issues like not tapping where you should. So, they didn't go the virtual button route and, instead, put huge but unobtrusive buttons on the screen. Overall, this is a very informative look into the thought process of a game developer, and it's extra fun since it's about a great mobile game. Check the whole article here.

  • Dankrio

    If only they could make the UI and font bigger on iphone, the port would be perfect. They did an awesome job on mobile. Gonna keep an eye on them from now on.

  • Herman van Boeijen

    So hey! you figured out controller controls, but don't feature mfi controller support yet? how come?

    • spizak

      Exactly, needs mfi for real.

  • Duane Locsin

    Read the article and a possible reason why they didn't implement MFI support( though many on the PC version requested controller support) because controllers duals sticks don't emulate a mouse precision as well.

    We've all known for years a mouse is far more responsive and precise then a controller, but that's not the point. Many games that excel with a mouse were still successful on consoles like the FPS genre and RTS games are slooowly getting back on consoles like Halo Wars 2.

    Diablo 3 is a prime example of these kinds of isometric games that do well with control pads, I understand that touch has its limitations but at least have that MFI support as an option if it makes sense to do so and 'leap of fate' simply could do better with that option.

    It just looks jarring when you have several highend games like Jade Empire, NBA 2K17, Implosion, Space Marshals, Renegade Riptide etc that have MFI controller support and you can air play them, when you have Ember, Titan Quest AND leap of fate (which are great games as well) not having them.