It's so easy to get discouraged looking through the App Store each and every day. A billion keyword-laden slot machine games, blatant clones, and other riffraff make up 99% of what I see. That other 1% though? That's where I found Butts in Space [Free]. What is Butts in Space? It's about a team of butts (in space) who have to stop the Evil Butt overlord who has stolen all the galaxy's toilet paper. Yeah, this is not exactly highbrow stuff, here. However, unlike the riffraff I spoke of earlier that's obviously thrown together with little care in hopes of turning a buck, Butts in Space has some obvious love put into it, and it shows.

The actual gameplay won't blow your mind, but it's certainly a fun little survival game. You swipe to send your butt of choice off in any direction in hopes of collecting toilet paper, parts to repair your ship, special items, and more, all while hopefully avoiding crashing into asteroids. There are 4 playable butt characters as well as the unlockable Evil Butt, and more crazy unlockable toilet paper types, plungers, and cutscenes than you can shake a stick at. Yes, Butts in Space is crude, but it has heart, and in the depressing face of an App Store filled with absolute garbage, it brought a genuine smile to my face today. Because butts. Oh, and of course we've got a forum thread so you can swap the best strategies for propelling your butts through space.

  • peaThere

    wow what this world coming

  • saansilt

    Poop Jump 2.0

  • HelperMonkey

    Fun trailer. I feel like someone's been watching some Python and AdultSwim... On the toilet?
    Now I want a butt monocle. You know, class things up a bit.

  • Scottlarsen

    So, you're saying these developers gave a crap?

  • nini

    Isn't this like the sort of weird near post-irony wave of indie game development where your lowbrow, barely pieced together "game" is considered seriously? I know Steam has its fair share of unholy abominations and freaks much like this, of course all blame goes back to stuff like I Am Toast and Goat Simulator but you have to wonder where exactly this stops being a snake eating its tail and is just a human centipede.

    • Jared Nelson

      It's a game about butts. In space.

  • HippoHumper

    Makes me want an Assy McGee game

  • Galley

    Needs more butts!