Top 2 was a Hearthstone [Free] Tavern Brawl back in May that was very entertaining and brought up a contest of sorts of who could make the most effective deck consisting only of copies of 2 cards. This time around, we are getting Top 3, which is bound to be even crazier. In this Tavern Brawl, you pick 3 cards and end up with a deck consisting of copies of just those 3 cards. Reddit has already sprung into action with a huge list of combos that work well in this Brawl. You could, of course, try and come up with your own 3-card combo instead. Know this: Prince Malchezaar is a fun card to pick in this Brawl because of all the Legendaries you'll get in your deck, but because Top 3 tends to be quick, you might never get a chance to play those fancy Legendaries.

What I liked about Top 2 was that you could see meta formation in fast forward: one combination would come out and dominate, and quickly another one that could beat it would come out and so on. i expect the same to happen with Top 3. This is a great Brawl, so don't miss out. Top 3 is live in the Americas, so go pick wisely.

  • Setz

    Innervate, Barnes, and Y'Shaarj. You're welcome, have a free pack.

  • Ivan

    Jugler, creeper and tidehunter. Free and easy win with Warlock.

    • Tomáš Trnka

      I have tried most of the combinations from this page, BUT
      YOUR build is absolutely insane -- didnt loose a single game with warlock.

      • Ivan

        Haha, glad it worked 🙂 Funny thing is I build it up in like the minute I saw what the brawl was, it does hold quite nice yeah.

  • Lavius_

    Priest: Lightspawn, Divine spirit, power word: shield

  • ashmike3

    Ancient of War, Innervate, Raven Idol. Hard to beat

  • Tanya

    Mage deck- mirror image, Sorcerer's Apprentice and unstable portal

  • Avtrd

    murloc tidehunter, coldlight oracle, everyfin is awesome.