This week marks the 10th anniversary of Company of Heroes, possibly the best PC RTS ever and one of my favorite games. And it was a reminder that we don't have really good RTS games on iOS, which is a pity given how ideal a touchscreen is for such games (Rome: Total War, you better deliver). Watching the trailer for Armored Corps posted in our forums, though, made me hopeful that we might get a good WWII RTS in the near future. I don't have much information on the game, but there's quite a bit that can be seen from the trailer.

There are different terrains - although I don't know whether they are anything but cosmetic - air, land, and sea units, and plenty of units on-screen simultaneously. I do hope Armored Corps ends up being a good RTS because the platform could really do with a fun, frantic WWII game. We'll keep you updated as we learn more, and if all goes as planned, the game should be out Winter 2017.

  • billmo

    Wow. That looks pretty decent. Also, if you're looking for a good retro rts, check out machines at war 3. It's surprisingly very well done. Reminds me of old command and conquer and controls well too.

  • spsummer

    Looks awesome, wish it wasn't a year away.

  • Zeroroute(進路 の 零度)

    That name, I see what they did there

  • debaser626

    End of trailer actually says "iOS, Android, Steam Winter 2016" article says 2017.... Looks pretty cool though.

  • Shiro

    Can we customize our mechs? And WHERE IS NINEBALL?

  • The Infamous E

    Timelines: Assault On America says hello. An outstanding game in the same style that never even got a review on TA and we fought to keep the forum post alive to try and get it some attention.

    It was a premium, true rts game that was not watered down too far, with online multiplayer, all the complaining on this site about.

    It's free with a premium unlock that was $5 at launch and could be less now. If you are at all interested in this game, you could be playing Timelines right now. A game that deserves to live and have a large community but got swallowed by the App Store due to lack of exposure.

    • billmo

      Yo!!! That game looks awesome. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • The Infamous E

        No problem, wish more people would have played. The way this game tracks units looks pretty much lifted from it. You could even create sub groups, and terrain advantage means something. Their touch control ideas were pretty good, and I though they hit the sweet spot with the scale of the game. I'm concerned trying to control a game like Rome may just be too God for iPad. Speaking of RTS, where is my Warcraft iPad Blizzard!

    • jForsythe

      Downloading now will buy the full game if I like it.

  • Rothgarr

    I really wish they would just port Total Annihilation to iOS...